Look forward to some awesome anime this winter

Check out some of the new anime coming this winter

The New Year is here and with it comes new anime for those with a passion for it. The time is ripe to cozy up with your tablet or laptop and take a gander at some of the new shows this winter season. Look out for these amazing five titles when looking for your anime fix.

Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody
Simulcasting: Crunchyroll, Funimation

Based on the novel of the same name, Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody will bring you into experiencing a life of reincarnation from a game creator's perspective.

Suzuki Ichiro, username “Satoo”, is a programmer in the middle of what is known as a death march, a grueling time of exhausting overwork right before the publication of a game. During all this madness, Suzuki is finally able to get a nap amidst his overbearing tasks. When he awakens, he finds himself in a completely different world, one where magic is a fact and not fiction. Unexpectedly younger than he was and with a strange game menu like screen floating in his vision, Suzuki at first believes everything to be a dream created by his overworked brain full of nothing but game development. When he inadvertently becomes a monster of a character, with OP (overpowered) skills to match, it becomes time to face reality. Knowing now what his circumstances are, Suzuki, taking on the name Satoo, begins his adventure into this fantastical world he finds himself in, all the while trying to keep his OP skills from getting him into trouble.

If you like gaming and otherworldly magic, this anime takes the best of both worlds and mixes them together to create an exciting adventure to enjoy.

Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens
Simulcasting: Crunchyroll, Funimation

In the Hakata ward of Fukuoka, there is a world hidden in the shadows of the faade of this seemingly peaceful town. A river of cruelty, murder and bloodshed rest under the guise of normalcy. This is the city where it is said three per cent of the population are professional killers. Murder is the norm and hitmen, revengers, torture specialist, informants, detectives and mafia coexist on a thin line of balance. When a hitman and detective join hands, the balance of power is about to be shifted in the underworld. Enough so that the rumoured ‘killer of professional killers' just might have to make their appearance soon

Want a little bit of mayhem and bloodshed, twisted with a bit of cynical comedy? Then this anime may be just what you need to make your maniacal day complete.

How to Keep a Mummy
Simulcasting: Crunchyroll

A warm slice of life story, How to Keep a Mummy will have you ‘awing' at the adorable characters as much as it will make you want to laugh at the hijinks they get into. Add the supernatural to the mix, and this anime is calling for lots of situations to go hilariously awry.

Sora Kashiwagi is always terrified of the items his adventurous father sends him from all across the globe. Manly because each and every one of them has been some kind of life threatening supernatural item, so he is not all too thrilled to suddenly receive a coffin from Egypt with a mummy included. Imagine his surprise when what emerges is not your average mummy. 12 inches and can fit in your palm, the shy, little bit of a crybaby of a mummy is a far cry from the terrifying image Sora had thought it would be. Actually, it is downright adorable. Sora cannot resist its cuteness, and he begins his life with the little mummy as a new member of the family. Though taking care of this little guy seems easier said than done

Simulcasting: Crunchyroll, Funimation

In a distant future where the planet is wastelands, children are raised in the mobile fort Plantation 13. Living in the pilot quarters Mistilteinn, aka the “Birdcage”, these children were raised in the hopes of becoming saviours of humanity against their enemy, the klaxosaur. Code 16, known as Hiro, is one such child raised to pilot robots known as FRANXX with his female partner, just like all the other children at the Plantation. Due to a certain incident, however, Hiro lost the ability to pilot, becoming a flightless bird with nowhere to go. Everything changes when he meets a young girl with horns on her head named Zero Two, who gives him an unexpected proposition: “Won't you become my darling?” What does this mysterious girl want with Hiro? Will she be able to release him from his flightless cage? You will just have to watch this action-packed anime to find out!

Record of Grancrest War
Simulcasting: Crunchyroll

Record of Grancrest War is a tale full of adventure, action and drama about a hero fighting in a land torn apart by war.

Atlatan is a world overrun by chaos. Constantly ravaged by the flames of war, the innocent people are left to suffer at the hands battles and to fend for themselves against demons born from this chaos. In this land Lords exist, those who wield Crests, which have the power to suppress the demons. But when their duty should be to protect the people, Lords have ignored their cries for help. Instead, they have become greedy and are turning against each other as they vie for more power amongst themselves. In the midst of all this is Siluca, a mage of great skill and stratagem, and Theo, a budding Lord out to liberate his homeland. When the two meet, they will begin an adventure to help heal a land torn asunder by war and chaos.