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Short cuts: cutting down travel time to classes
Sometimes it is tedious to traverse the halls of Fanshawe. The weird shapes to some of the buildings makes it longer to get to one end of the College to the other. Read more

Short cuts: cutting down travel time to classes
Sometimes it is tedious to traverse the halls of Fanshawe. The weird shapes to some of the buildings makes it longer to get to one end of the College to the other. Read more

Article 13: Perhaps a dark time for the Internet
Article 13 is supposed to be a law that makes platforms, such as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, more liable for the content hosted on their sites. Read more

Fanshawe aiding students with filing their taxes
Fanshawe College will be aiding students who want to file their taxes on April 10 and April 28. Read more

Video game review: <em>The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince</em>
A dark compelling fairy tale, The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince captures the attention through its wonderful puzzle mechanics, artwork and especially its storytelling. Read more

Viva Las Vegas: FSU to hold fun and flashy night
Get a chance to spin the wheel and hope for a kiss from lady luck at Fanshawe Student Union's (FSU) Las Vegas Night, on March 21. Read more

Anime's inception and journey across the seas
Did you know that anime is just a shortened form of animation? That's right, in Japan anime means no different to any type of animation produced in America. Read more

The evolution of video games
Video games have a rich history that has evolved over 60 years to become what it is today. Let us take a look at the evolution of such a diverse landscape. Read more

Fanshawe spirit to shine at Fanshawe's open house
Fanshawe College and its many campuses will be having their annual spring open house on March 23. Read more

Innovate and connect during Fanshawe's Innovation Week
From March 18 to 22, Fanshawe College will be holding it is first Innovation Week. Read more

It's high time for slime to shine in <em>That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime</em>
Lately there have been a lot, and I mean a lot, of anime that are based on Japanese light novels being transformed into anime. Read more

Why Article 13 will be negative for creative content
For the past year, there has been a lot of news focused on policy changes happening on online platforms. I mean, I for sure was probably not the only one who noticed a huge influx of emails from websites like Facebook, Discord, Google that happened in the summer of this year. Read more

The cultural groups of London, Ontario
In a large city like London there is a vast diversity of culture to explore, from different types of restaurants to specialty stores.. Read more

Feel the love at Fanshawe this Valentine's Day
Feel the love this Valentine's Day by treating yourself at the Fanshawe Student Union's (FSU) All You Need Is Love event. Read more

Six DIY Valentine's projects
Can't think of a new gift to buy for your Valentine this year? Go special by creating the present yourself so that you can surprise your Valentine with something special. Read more

Five homemade chocolate recipes for your Valentine
Try your hand at cooking one of these five homemade chocolate recipes for that special someone in your life. Read more

Fanshawe celebrates multiculturalism
Fanshawe will be holding performances and serving food at this year's Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) Cultural Awareness Fair. Read more

GRIS, a breathtaking world of watercolour mastery
GRIS a small indie game by Spanish game company, Nomada Studio, and published by Devolver Digital for the Nintendo Switch and Steam. Read more

How to apply for work study, the benefits of working for Fanshawe
The Fanshawe Financial Aid Office offers a couple of bursaries that students can apply too within each semester. Work study is one of those many bursaries for those in financial need. Read more

Help for job hunting through Fanshawe College
The worst struggle for anyone nowadays is finding a job, especially snagging one that is in the professional field you are looking for. As a Fanshawe student, you have the chance to use the options available from Career Services to aid you in your search for a career. Read more

Race to the finish at Fanshawe's tiny car race
On Feb. 5, Fanshawe's Facilities Management and Community Safety supported by 106.9 The X FM, will be hosting a remote control car race where students and faculty will go head-to-head to see who will earn the Falcon Cup. Read more

Join the fight in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
On Dec. 7, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch hit the shelves in stores and it's become a phenomenon among fans. Read more

The Marrow Thieves inspires community activities for One Book One London
This winter, the London Public Library hosts its third annual One Book One London program, which will be featuring The Marrow Thieves. Read more

What's the perfect bottle for you?
Nowadays, customized water bottles are increasing in popularity because of the multi-functional purposes they have, which are used best for different activities. There is a bottle out there for about everything, but what's the best water bottle for your workout? Read more

Deskercise: Getting active while sitting
Going out to exercise is key to keeping in shape, but for those who don't have the time to do so there are other ways to workout without ever leaving your seat. Read more

Your holiday guide for DIY gifts
The hardest part of holiday shopping is finding the perfect gift for your friends or family. The best and most thoughtful gifts are known to be the ones we make ourselves. Read more

How to buy online for the holiday time
The holidays are coming quickly and that means getting presents is going to become hectic soon. To avoid the shopping lines it's best to check out what you can buy online first. Read more

Fanshawe bringing cheer to London with the Shoebox Project
The London Shoebox Project for shelters will be teaming up with Fanshawe and other companies this winter to collect items for women in need. Read more

Fanshawe students' contribution to London's downtown core
Interrobang went to see if the increase in students around downtown is helping economical growth during this construction period. Read more

How to avert money spending temptation
Here are some strategies to help the wayward soul avoid money spending temptation. Read more

What's in store for your future
Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) will be hosting its bi-annual Psychic Fair at the college this coming Oct. 30. Read more

Medical history at the tips of your fingers
Dot Health provides those away from home a means to accessing their medical records quickly and efficiently. Read more

Collections presents a Halloween party for the community
East Edge Press Works brings out Collections: A Gathering Place Unlike Any Other to it's building at 790 Dundas St., in London. Read more

Fanshawe alumna manages Dundas Place
Savanah Sewell, the newly appointed manager for Dundas Place, has a lot of history with London. Read more

Cheaper ways to get your fruit and veggies
One of the most lacking parts of a student's diet tends to be their intake of fruits and vegetables. They tend to spoil much quicker than other products, and buying in bulk doesn't bold well on the money pockets. Read more

Fanshawe and CMHA partner for crisis support centre
For the month of October, Fanshawe students will be able to access the crisis support centre run by Fanshawe's Counselling and Accessibility services with the Canadian Medical Health Association (CMHA). Read more

Gemstones: The mysterious power to soothe the soul
Mental inflictions are a mind-over-matter ordeal, so using a spiritual and mind healing technique like healing gemstones can be quite soothing. Read more

Don't let homework take over your soul, mind and health
Homework can be stressful for students at times and it can feel like you have no control over your emotions once you get to that point. Read more

Finding your translations online
In recent years, reading digital novels has become vastly popular amongst the reading community. With tablets like the Kindle and Kobo, you can have your whole library at the tips of your finger. Read more

Making a hole-in-one on the green
Mery Tarigan from the Fanshawe Falcons varsity golf team is finally getting a hole-in-one as her story rings hope and positivity to those who get to know her. Read more

Music moves the soul
For thousands of years, music has impacted the emotions of those listening to it. We have compiled some types of music that can have an effect on your mood, be it calming or a pick-me-up song. Read more

Freezing the minimum wage increase may have a negative impact
Ontario Premier, Doug Ford's Progressive Conservative (PC) Party has been criticized by the New Democratic Party (NDP) for its recent proposal to freeze minimum wage. Read more

RH Accelerator helps small businesses gain city support
London introduces a new incubator for start-up growth stage companies this month in the form of Roundhouse (RH) Accelerator. Read more

Keeping permadeath at bay in Dead Cells
Dead Cells is the game where permadeath will become the norm to keep you interested in playing more and more. Read more

Everything should know about condoms
There are two types of condom, one for men and one for woman. The male condom is the most commonly known about and is sheathed on an erect penis by pinching the end and rolling it out down to the base of the penis. Read more

The Chef's Table brings Fanshawe flavour to downtown core
The movement of 2,000 students to downtown London brings with it a big overhaul to the student-run restaurant, Saffron's and the deli, Olive Oyle's, now rebranded as The Chef's Table restaurant and cafe. Read more

LHSC: Stay safe, don't step over the "stupid line"
The LHSC injury prevention program is reminding post-secondary students to be aware of the stupid line, which is the boundary between being smart and taking a risk. Read more

Fanshawe fashion department creates local pop-up shops with Goodwill Industries
Fanshawe's fashion marketing and management program continues to work hard with Goodwill Industries to create sustainable fashion for their pop-up stores. Read more

Escapology makes its Canadian debut in London
The grand opening of Escapology London, the first Canadian branch of the live escape room experience from famous Escapology LLC in Orlando, Fla., happened late this summer. Read more

Short cuts: cutting down travel time to classes
Sometimes it is tedious to traverse the halls of Fanshawe. The weird shapes to some of the buildings makes it longer to get to one end of the College to the other. Read more

Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle brings a comedic twist to getting some Zzzs.
Manga author Kagiji Kumanomata, brings together a tale of sleepy shenanigans that will make you rethink what it means to get some sleep. Read more

Spots on campus students can benefit from
Being new to any place you'll want to familiarize yourself with your environment. There are a few places in Fanshawe College that students should know about, what services they offer and how students can benefit from them. Read more

FUEL returns to light the competitive spark in gamers
This coming fall, the Fanshawe Ultimate eSports League (FUEL) will be returning to Forwell Hall to light the spark of competition in gamers. Read more

LTC bus route changes in the wake of downtown construction
With construction happening downtown, it's good to be aware of any delays your bus trips may have. Read more

FSU's The Sharing Shop moves to a new campus location
The Sharing Shop run by the FSU moved locations in mid-August to the Student Union Building (SUB) 1015. Read more

Reminder to keep doors locked
The London Police Service (LPS) are investigating a series of robberies that occurred at Fleming Drive between Aug. 14 and Aug. 19. Read more

A look at what Fanshawe's newest building will feature
Fanshawe College will soon be opening the doors to its new campus building downtown on Dundas Street. Read more

Larry Weir named new chair of the Norton Wolf School of Aviation Technology
After 37 years of service, recently retired decorated veteran of the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF), Larry Weir, joins the Fanshawe family as the new chair for the Norton Wolf School of Aviation Technology. Read more

Behind the scenes of the amazing ice acrobatic show, Crystal
Cirque du Soleil's Crystal made its way to London for the first time and the Interrobang got a behind the scenes look of the production that was performed at Budweiser Gardens this past weekend. Read more

Affordable summertime snacking
Learn about some spots in London where you can get some affordable eats. Read more

Summer 2018 Movie Guide
Get ready students because summer is here and with it, a whole slew of new movies to enjoy this break. Read more

Games that are making gamers excited for E3 2018
The hype for gamers is starting to ramp up around the video game community as the days leading up to the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) Read more

Keeping cool in the heat with a neat drink
Enjoy the hot weather with a refreshing drink by your side, to help beat the summer heat. Read more

Fanshawe grad touring with Cirque du Soleil's Corteo
Fanshawe alumnus, Zachary Fraser, is on tour this summer as a rigger for Cirque du Soleil's Corteo show. Read more

Some of the cons to legalizing cannabis
With the possibility of marijuana being legal come July 1, 2018, not everyone agrees with having this drug become more acceptable to use. Read more

Lost Boy brings a darker spin to our beloved Peter Pan story
Christina Henry brings readers a darker prequel to the original Peter Pan, an origin story about one of the most well-known fictional pirates, Captain James Hook. Read more


Spring flowers are in full bloom at Fanshawe College's greenhouse
This past weekend Fanshawe College's horticulture technician program had a rounding success selling hydrangeas from the Spriet Family Greenhouse on campus for the Easter holiday. Read more

Spring street hockey tournament comes back to downtown London
Continuing a 15-year tradition, GOT GAME Sports will be reviving the annual street hockey tournament here in London after the original organizers announced at the beginning of this year that the tournament would not be running in 2018. Read more

Fanshawe professor receives paramedic award
Alan Batt, Fanshawe Paramedic faculty member, has been chosen as the 2018 recipient for the Paramedic Association of Canada's Paramedic Award of Excellence for Leadership and Community Building. Read more

Superheroes of Anime
Superheroes have hit a big boom within pop culture, their stories being made into new blockbuster movies and television series. But comic book heroes aren't the only ones out there. Anime features its own set of heroes too. Read more

Get your geek fix in London
What might be surprising for any nerds or geeks in London is that the city actually has a large amount of stores dedicated to selling pop culture goods, boasting more than five stores in the downtown area alone. Read more

Where lies become salvation in Itsuwaribito
Can you save a life with a lie? How about a hundred? A thousand? For the manga Itsuwaribito, these are the questions that will be answered. Read more

Question the truths and lies in Persona 5
I have been a fan of Atlus' Persona game series for many years. Each installment has gotten better and better, and what once was a game with a small cult following has expanded into a fanbase that stretches to the corners of the globe. Read more

Five Steam games for a college student's budget
Nowadays, video games are costing a steep price. Add on having to buy consoles, like the Switch and you have a monumental amount of money that no student in the midst of debt can afford Read more

The truths of a drag queen: Getting to know Nicki Nastasia
The Interrobang spoke to Dom Montes, known in drag as Nicki Nastasia, about life as a drag queen, what it means to be one and to clear up misconceptions about drag queens and how they differ from people who identify as transgender. Read more

Third time's a charm for FSU drag show
ProjectBE Event Productions, a LGBTQ+ community based in southwestern Ontario, in collaboration with the FSU is bringing back its popular event, What a Drag, to Fanshawe College once more on Feb.14. Read more

Look forward to some awesome anime this winter
The New Year is here and with it comes new anime for those with a passion for it. The time is ripe to cozy up with your tablet or laptop and take a gander at some of the new shows this winter season. Read more

Job hunting within Fanshawe
You've scoured through all the newspapers. Looked at all the job sites for your area. Dropped off your resume at dozens of places. But still no call has come in to give you hope of being hired.  Read more

Dos and Don'ts of Resumes and Cover Letters
Writing out a cover letter and resume can be stressful knowing that a potential employer will be judging you on what is written on them. How do you make the cover letter and resume look professional? Read more

Nintendo Labo: An innovative DIY carboard marvel
Nintendo recently announced their newest equipment to enhancing play with Nintendo's newest Switch console. Meet Nintendo Labo, every cardboard building project from your childhood brought to a new technological extreme. Read more

Ford's exoskeleton suit is quickly becoming the company's own version of the Iron Man suit
Within the last year, the Ford Motor Company has been working with Ekso Bionics in creating a new super-suit for it's employees at their manufacturing plants in the United States. Read more

Working up a sweat, gamer style
For years, video games have transcended the sole use of controllers. Only your hands were required to move around the device to play the game. However, now some video games implement the whole body, giving players the ability to exercise while appreciating a fun game. Read more

Fanshawe's Gary Curtis, receives an Outstanding Educator award from OACETT
Gary Curtis, a Fanshawe civil engineering professor, recently received a prestigious award for his contributions in educating civil engineering students. Read more

Games to make you happy this holiday
Take an adventure into fantastical worlds during the holiday with new video games out this winter season. Read more

Book lover's guide for this holiday season
Winter is the best time of year to curl up with a book on a cold night with a cup of warm cocoa. Why not enjoy one of the books from this list of recommendations this holiday season? Read more

Why fans should invest in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon
Massive Pokemon fan? Have all the games out so far? If you do then you might want to get your gamer claws into the new Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon which came out this past November. Read more

London Police Service reveals results from Operation Impact
London Police Service (LPS) participated in Operation Impact as part of the national initiative to make Canada's roads the safest in the world. Read more

Explore the expansive wilderness in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
This may be a few months after the hype of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild made its debut on the Nintendo Switch and Wii U, but that doesn’t mean the impact of the game needs to die down. Read more

Organic tea: Good for your health and the environment
Tea is an ancient drink that many have drunk for centuries for its soothing taste and medicinal properties. In the wake of the modern era, however, tea has been polluted by the production of technology. The use of pesticides and chemically produced tea bags have created some drinks harmful for human consumption Read more

Preserving the Environment in London
Love nature? Want to give back to the environment? Then try getting involved with one of these pro-active environmental groups in the London-Middlesex area to promote going green. Read more

On campus services that help mental health
To help deal with anxiety and stress, Fanshawe College provides services to help find ways to conquer the stress. The largest service for mental health on campus is the Counselling and Accessibility Services department. Read more


How to unwind from stress
There is a tight ball of anxiety in your belly. A nauseous feeling is creeping up your throat. There is a reason you feel this way. The school work you have sitting on your desk isn't done and you have a huge test coming up in a week. Read more

Five anime to look forward this fall
Fall is now upon us and that means new anime for this coming fall 2017 season. Along with many continuations of awesome series like My Hero Academia and the second season of Hozuki no Reitatsu, there are many new titles to enjoy in this upcoming autumn. Read more

Debut of AIAI's Indigenous comic at Forest City Comicon
On Sept. 23, the Association of Iroquois and Allied Indians (AIAI) debuted the group's educational indigenous comic book outside indigenous communities and organizations for the first time at London's Forest City Comicon. Read more

Fanshawe alumnus' company ranks high on 2017 Canadian wide business list
In PROFIT Magazine and Canadian Business' 29th annual PROFIT 500 competition, London's very own Arcane ranked 41 among the fastest growing companies in Canada, according to an Arcane press release. Read more

Coconut oil: The Magic Serum
Coconut oil can be used in an assortment of ways as a natural and healthier replacement to some of the foods, oils and chemicals people eat or use. Read more

Manga review: In/Spectre
For manga fans out there, here is a series for you to check out. In/Spectre is a series of paranormal intrigue by author Kyo Shirodaira and artist Chashiba Katase. Read more

Death Note: Adaptation not living up to fan expectations
On Aug. 25, an American live action adaption on the highly acclaimed anime series Death Note, was released onto Netflix. Read more

Sexual Related Terms: Fandom Style
When works in the fan-based (fandom) community contain relationships and sexual content, we geeks have the right terms to categorize what you are viewing or reading Read more

What Exactly is Menstruation?
For women who might not remember their health studies, menstruation is the shedding of the thickened uterine lining that comes out of the vagina as a thickened blood or blood clots. Read more

Where to get your food in London
A guide to finding great food and produce around London. The Out Back Shack - a bar and restaurant that serves affordable roadhouse style. Students can enjoy a wide range of events that OBS holds throughout the year. Read more

Tapas: A place to read or publish
Tapas offers all that you want. With a great community of authors and artists, anyone searching for a new comic or novel to read will love Tapas. Read more

The woes of post-secondary education
College can be a liberating time for freshman. You are finally out from under the control of your parents and have a schedule that doesn't necessarily require you to be stuck in class eight hours straight. Read more


Fanshawe becomes Polytechnics Canada member
Fanshawe College is the newest member of Polytechnics Canada, a Canadian national association of elite colleges and institutes of technology. Read more

Construction updates to Fanshawe's downtown campus
Fanshawe representatives and community members held a press conference in the Good Foundation Theatre of the downtown campus, the Centre for Digital and Performance Arts (CDPA), to discuss updates on the progress of the construction of the new downtown London campus, on June 9. Read more

Fanshawe helps Middlesex-London EMS hold cardiac arrest survivor day
Middlesex-London Emergency Medical Services (EMS) held their 5th Annual Cardiac Arrest Survivor Day event at Fanshawe Student Union's (FSU) Oasis on June 2. Read more

Cash prize up for grabs with Deal or No Deal
Fanshawe students came out to test their luck to try to win $1,000 cash prize at the Fanshawe Student Union's (FSU) Deal or No Deal event in Forwell Hall on May 30. Read more

Festivals to enjoy this summer
Fanshawe students will be able to enjoy a variety of festivals during this summer. There will be a large array of entertainment during the festivities including music, dance, crafts, a rodeo and much more! Read more

Tips and tricks for geek conventions
It's time to suit up geek adventurers and take a trip to the fantasy land of conventions. Are you ready to begin your journey? Afraid to face the dragon alone? Fear not. Read more

A blend of romance and comedy in Four Weddings and a Sixpence: An Anthology
Based off an old rhyme for brides, authors Julia Quinn, Stefanie Sloane, Elizabeth Boyle and Laure Lee Guhrke spin together a romantic tale of chiming wedding bells in Four Weddings and a Sixpence: An Anthology. Read more

2017 Book List
Looking for something fun and interesting to read? Have a look at these new releases that might just catch your fancy and have you stuck in their world for a couple of hours. Read more

Fanshawe College ranked high by international students
Fanshawe College ranked highly for the seventh year in a row in the 2016 i-graduate International Student Barometer (IBS), according to a Fanshawe news release. Read more

Fanshawe alumna wins top drawing prize at national art showcase
Leah Probst, an alumna of Fanshawe's fine arts program, was awarded first place in the drawing category of the Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan) Art Showcase. Read more

Ontario Premier confirms start of construction on high-speed rail project
Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and MPP for London North Centre and Deputy Premier Deb Matthews, along with other representatives held a press conference to discuss Ontario's plans to move forward with the construction of a high-speed rail along the Toronto-Windsor corridor. Read more

Fanshawe's Remarkable Campaign raises more than its $100 million goal
Key donors, community stakeholders, student representatives and Fanshawe staff gathered at the college's Good Foundation Theatre in the downtown Centre of Digital and Performance Arts, to hear the results of Fanshawe's Remarkable Campaign on May 4. Read more

Thoughts invoked by World Press Freedom Day
World Press Freedom Day was held on May 3. Established by the United Nations (UN), the day centred around promoting and defending the rights for freedom of the press and expression as stated in Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  Read more

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