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Fanshawe Athletics' website gets a facelift

Lliam Buckley | Interrobang | Sports | August 24th, 2018

Falcon Athletics’ online presence just got a facelift, in partnership with the PrestoSports, web design and technology company.

The new website was launched over the summer and according to a Fanshawe Athletics summer press release, the new and improved “features a modern design and improved functionality that will benefit all Falcons fans and Athletics website users”.

On this new site, users can find information on the entire Fanshawe Athletics department, whether it be on the staff or the students.

Find out how your favourite teams are doing, read recent athletics news and at times you’ll even be able to watch games live.

According to the press release, “for league sports, the site will include individual and team statistics that link seamlessly to the OCAA website”.

In addition, you can find links to other Fanshawe Athletic related websites, such as the Fanshawe Recreation and Student Wellness Centre websites.

In the same press release, Nathan McFadden, Fanshawe’s manager of athletics, had positives to share about the new website.

“It is essential for us to have a state-of-the-art website that is capable of providing more information combined with access to our various social media sites. This new dynamic site provides quick and easy access to the latest Athletics and Falcons news in a sleek, modern, and user friendly format,” McFadden said.

The fresh website is extremely user friendly and gives the Fanshawe Falcons an online presence that is as strong as the athletes. It is definitely worth checking out and can be found at
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