X-rated hypnotists are creepy and we sit back and watch

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X-rated hypnotism is bizarre and we sit back and watch it happen without question.

X-rated hypnotists may be funny, but if you think about it they are quite creepy.

There is something bizarre about a group of young adults sitting back and watching their friends be manipulated into doing embarrassing sexual acts from the guidance of (usually) a middle-aged man. It also does not help that in the age of cell phones and social media, these acts to be broadcasted to current and future employers, friends, and family.

Do you really want to have your boss watch you pleasure a banana or your grandparents watch you have a fake orgasm in front of hundreds of people?

Lots of hypnotists will lead you to believe that you will not do anything while you are hypnotized that you would not do when you are fully conscious and aware. Having been hypnotized in the past I can say that this is inaccurate.

Although it was not an X-rated hypnotist, I still did things I would not normally do in front of a group of people.

You cannot tell me that two heterosexual college men would consciously rub each other’s crotches in front of a crowd. Many people will argue that those who voluntarily buy tickets for a show advertised as X-rated entertainment are responsible for whatever happens once they arrive.

The fact that they give their consent to go on stage is all fine and good, but when the person goes into a subconscious or unconscious state, is that not crossing the line?

How about we look at it another way. Let’s say that a man or woman goes to a bar and meets a suitor and they decide to go home with each other.

Even though they leave with one another does not mean they have to do anything sexual even if they thought that might happen when they left the bar. At any point in the evening, it is perfectly acceptable to say no to sexual activity.

However, if that person were to become unconscious in any way, sexual activity would be and should be considered sexual assault since consent was thrown out the window the minute a person goes unconscious.

Merriam-Webster defines sexual assault as being, “illegal sexual contact that usually involves force upon a person without consent or is inflicted upon a person who is incapable of giving consent as because of age or physical or mental incapacity or places the assailant in a position of trust or authority”.

A person who is hypnotized is incapable of giving consent because of a mental incapacity and often times, believes the hypnotist to be in a position of trust, similar to the sexual assault definition.

I am not saying that X-rated hypnotism is sexual assault because there usually is no actual contact, but what I am saying is that the ideology behind both of these situations are similar.

Both scenarios involve someone voluntarily entering a situation, but then going into an unconscious mindset making them unable to give consent or be in control.

I understand the popularity and humour around X-rated hypnotist shows, but I do think it is time that people sit back and think about how creepy they really are.

I am not going to lie and say these shows do not make me laugh, but there is something uncomfortable about it.

At the end of the day, an older man telling girls as young as 18 to ride a chair or inviting people up to kick guys where it hurts is far from my idea of a fun evening out.

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