Welcome back Fanshawe students, staff, faculty and community members to another week and issue of the Interrobang. To start off another issue, my reporters spent a good amount of time working hard to have fresh and relatable content for you to read through and stay up to date with Fanshawe and London news.

This issue happens to be our mental health issue. There are a number of key and important features that cover a wide array of topics, such as common mental health disorders, apps to help ease anxiety as well as mental health services available on campus. With a busy school year now underway, students, teachers and all those a part of Fanshawe may start feeling stressed and strained. These features are here to provide aide to anyone who may need some extra help during these busy times.

Our news section is also filled with interesting pieces, including one about CBC's Duncan McCue, who visited Fanshawe and chatted about his new and insightful memoir, The Shoe Boy: A Trapline Memoir. The news section also includes a look at a Fanshawe grad who created her own business to help those with celiac disease and one reporter took a look at what it means to celebrate World Mental Health Day, which falls on Oct. 10.

Our opinion section has a number of articles dedicated towards mental health, including the pros and cons of social media and the impacts of the show 13 Reasons Why for those who watch it.

The lifestyles section includes a horror movie review, a fitness article, fall beauty trends and how music can help your mind feel at ease throughout different times of your day. We also have a profile of a Fanshawe Music Industry Arts (MIA) band called Lost Arts and the release of their debut EP, Let Me Go.

Last, but not least, our sports section includes some neat pieces including a car review, a look at Fanshawe's sports stats and a story about Mery Tarigan, a member of the Fanshawe Falcons golf team, who worked hard under a number of challenges to achieve her goals.

That's it for this issue, but be sure to check back again when our next issue hits newsstands on Oct.12.

Happy reading,

Melissa Novacaska

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