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Interrobang issue for Friday, September 28th, 2018

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Letters and Arts Reading Series kicks off with Duncan McCue
CBC journalist and radio host Duncan McCue visited Fanshawe earlier this week to discuss his autobiographical book, The Shoe Boy: A Trapline Memoir. Read more

London Votes: What mayoral candidates are saying on student housing
Here's what a number of London mayoral candidates had to tell the Interrobang about their thoughts on the issue of student housing. Read more

Freezing the minimum wage increase may have a negative impact
Ontario Premier, Doug Ford's Progressive Conservative (PC) Party has been criticized by the New Democratic Party (NDP) for its recent proposal to freeze minimum wage. Read more

Fanshawe grad creates online celiac business
A Fanshawe graduate has achieved entrepreneurial success and is utilizing her skills learned throughout her education. Read more

Celebrating World Mental Health Day
World Mental Health Day is quickly approaching, celebrating its 26th anniversary on Oct. 10. Read more

Ladies that UX conference taking centre stage at Fanshawe College
London's chapter of Ladies that UX is holding its annual Centre Stage conference at Fanshawe College this year for the first time in its history. Read more

London makes history with new ranked voting system
On Oct. 22, London will make history as the first Canadian city to use a ranked ballot in its municipal election. Read more

London couple donates over 1,100 bikes in five years
A London couple has given away free bikes to benefit the community socially, environmentally and economically. Read more

2018 FSU Director bi-election candidates
The FSU Director Bi-election will take place between Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018 at 9 AM and Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018 at 2 PM. Log in to FOL during that time range to cast your ballot. Read more



From the Editor
This issue happens to be our mental health issue. There are a number of key and important features that cover a wide array of topics, such as common mental health disorders, apps to help ease anxiety as well as mental health services available on campus. Read more

The pros and cons of 13 Reasons Why
The show 13 Reasons Why is one of the most controversial shows on Netflix right now. Read more

Mental Health: Are you in isolation?
Making the right choice doesn't always come easy, but if you listen to the word of God, the process of morality may be a bit clearer for you. Read more

Overuse of social media can lead to mental health problems and a lower quality of life
Social media is everywhere and it is constantly changing. New apps are developed every day and the list keeps getting longer on what accounts you have to frequently check. Read more

How social media isn't all bad for your mental health
Social media has had a huge impact on people's lives. From starting careers to creating friendships, social media does a lot of good. Read more

My experience with antidepressants
For a little back story on my mental health, growing up I was known as a happy but shy kid. Read more

The Lunar Effect: Fact or fiction?
The idea that there may be a correlation between the monthly lunar cycles and the behaviour of people or animals is known as The Lunar Effect and it dates back many years. Read more


Five makeup trends for fall 2018
As the seasons change so do the trends. New York Fashion week was just upon us and we saw the models hit the catwalk with both trendy and avant-garde makeup looks. Read more

Health and Fitness: Glutes, guts and gratitude
With the Thanksgiving weekend right around the corner, it might be hard to stay on track of your fitness journey. However, if you make tiny goals and steps that lead up to bigger goals, you'll see progress over time. Read more

Discovering Lost Arts' debut EP, Let Me Go
Band members from local London group, Lost Arts were excited to announce the release of their debut EP Let Me Go last month. Read more

The Lodgers: Beautiful and deeply disturbing
Originally featured at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), The Lodgers, directed by Brian O'Malley, has finally been released onto Netflix for all of Canada to experience. Read more

Music moves the soul
For thousands of years, music has impacted the emotions of those listening to it. We have compiled some types of music that can have an effect on your mood, be it calming or a pick-me-up song. Read more

Finding your translations online
In recent years, reading digital novels has become vastly popular amongst the reading community. With tablets like the Kindle and Kobo, you can have your whole library at the tips of your finger. Read more

Drawing your way to a better future
With the rise of adult colouring books, many people are looking at non-medicinal forms of treating mental illnesses. One of the rising methods of treatment is art therapy, which combines fine arts and counseling psychology. Read more

Weather changes and so does your mood: Seasonal Affective Disorder
Weather can influence the way people feel and perceive. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a mental illness that occurs over a short period of time during the year. Read more

Don't let homework take over your soul, mind and health
Homework can be stressful for students at times and it can feel like you have no control over your emotions once you get to that point. Read more

Gemstones: The mysterious power to soothe the soul
Mental inflictions are a mind-over-matter ordeal, so using a spiritual and mind healing technique like healing gemstones can be quite soothing. Read more

What you should know about eating disorders
According to Statistics Canada, 725,800 to 1,088,700 Canadians meet the diagnostic criteria for an eating disorder at any given time and the prevalence of full or partial eating disorders is two per cent in males and 4.8 per cent in females. Read more

Common Mental Illnesses
The government of Canada reported that over 30 per cent of Canadians will experience mental illness during their lifetime, regardless of age, income, or culture. Read more

Mental health services in and around campus
Post-secondary schooling can be a difficult time for everyone, with assignments and classes that can pile up, causing stress or anxiety. Read more

What you need to know about periods
Periods always feel like a rather unfortunate thing, but it is something that many individuals have to go through. This article will explore everything you need to know about menstrual cycles for those who have them and for those who want to learn a little bit more about what is happening in a body during this time. Read more

Six wellness apps to add to your devices
Wellness is a part of life that people may think they don't have time for. However, there is an app for everything including wellness. Read more

Four coping mechanisms for anxiety
According to the Anxiety Disorders Association of Canada, 12 per cent of Canadians experience anxiety each year and people age 15 to 24 are more likely to have a mental illness than any other age group. Read more


Zodiac Stargazer Horoscope
Get your priorities straight. Have a plan in place, and give your all until you are satisfied with the results you get. Read more


Making a hole-in-one on the green
Mery Tarigan from the Fanshawe Falcons varsity golf team is finally getting a hole-in-one as her story rings hope and positivity to those who get to know her. Read more

Motoring: A car that can do it all: The 2018 BMW M5
The 2018 BMW M5 has looks, speed and efficiency and is a car worth investing your time, money and energy in. Read more

Maurice Simba is a giant football prospect: Fourth-year trying to stay humble with scouts watching
Maurice Simba is having a successful time playing football, while possibly being scouted by the big leagues. Read more

National champion joins U of O swim team
After several years with the Gee-Gees synchronized swimming team, Carlie Cholette is taking it up a notch as she gets ready for 2018-19 with the varsity swim team. Read more

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