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Race to the finish at Fanshawe's tiny car race


The remote control car race at Fanshawe College is being held in support of the great services of the United Way.

Samantha Kaczala | Interrobang | News | January 18th, 2019

On Feb. 5, Fanshawe’s Facilities Management and Community Safety supported by 106.9 The X FM, will be hosting a remote control car race where students and faculty will go head-to-head to see who will earn the Falcon Cup.

Consecutively going for about five years, the race has given back to the community with all its donations going to United Way, a non-profit organization across the country, including London and St. Thomas areas. United Way contributes greatly to the community by supporting demographics in need and works to improve the quality of life for all individuals in the communities.

Brent Arseneault, the emergency planning, fire and life safety specialist and student emergency response team co-ordinator, said that Facilities Management has been wanting to make more people aware of United Way’s work since the inception of the event.

“It was started as a car race for Facilities Management as an opportunity to be able to contribute, while bringing awareness to and supporting United Way who contributes to the community so much,” Arseneault said.

He also explained that the event was thought of in great detail to ensure “what’s the best and unique way to let students know about United Way”.

On the day of the event, students and faculty will be able to drop in at James A. Colvin Atrium to register and join the race by donating $5 for one race or $10 for three. Arseneault said that some of the faculty of the school has also been kind enough to donate money without participating, which will go towards students who do not have the money to donate a chance to still join the fun.

Arseneault explained the courses consist of an obstacle course where four drivers will have to navigate through to get the best time and be able to win some prizes in the end.

As an added bonus, those who bid for it can have an opportunity to race against president of Fanshawe College, Peter Devlin, and president of Fanshawe Student Union, Jahmoyia Smith.

“The person who bids the most can race with either one of the two presidents. It provides a unique opportunity for them [students and faculty] and it incorporates our leadership into the races as well,” Arseneault said.

People who want to race can also bring their own remote control cars that follow the requirements of event:

• Any rechargeable LiPo, NiMh or NiCd (batteries) are allowed

• No gas powered vehicles permitted

The unique event appeals to students and it also works as a way to help connect students more to the college.

“It’s a great opportunity for us [the faculty] to better connect with the students. We couldn’t do what we do without the support of students. With car races everyone has historically, I believe, has enjoyed remote control cars. And we’ve partnered with 106.9 The X, so they are supporting us as well as the Student Union. We are trying to get more and more people involved in the capacity. We appreciate that in today’s generation that we have to be unique and do something that people enjoy,” Arseneault said.

When asked why he thought the event is great for the community as a whole, Arseneault said, “I believe we have to give where we can. Some people are able to give financial aid, some are not. More so, as awareness because at one point in time somebody has been touched by United Way whether they know it. Similar to other things going on at the campus it’s just nothing more than a better opportunity to educate people about the great services that United Way provides and how Fanshawe supports those services.”

The remote control car race will be held on Feb. 5 at 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the James A. Colvin Atrium (B1046).

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Race to the finish at Fanshawe's tiny car race photos
Race to the finish at Fanshawe's tiny car race photos
Race to the finish at Fanshawe's tiny car race photos
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