Help for job hunting through Fanshawe College

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The worst struggle for anyone nowadays is finding a job, especially snagging one that is in the professional field you are looking for. As a Fanshawe student, you have the chance to use the options available from Career Services to aid you in your search for a career.

Located in room D1063, Career Services has a large range of events and information available to offer to students who are seeking the perfect job for them.

Tons of workshops

With over 20 workshops and events available to attend at the Career Services office, there is a lot of information available to assist those wanting to make an impression on a future boss. Each session is designed for advising and creating a way for students to better their applications and search into the workforce. There are workshops centered on what to do after graduating, how to find a job and what to do to apply, as well as other ones that help to build up a well done resume, interview practice and even how to set up a LinkedIn account properly.

To see if and when a workshop is happening, head over to Fanshawe Online (FOL) under the Resources, Career/Co-Op/CCR tab to find out what is happening. Or visit, services/workshops, for a full listing of the events and workshops available from the office.

LEAP Junction

In room F1012, LEAP Junction is the perfect place to visit for those wanting to get into the entrepreneurial side of business. The group offers a space to speak with a professional on the necessities of getting a business started. At an appointment you can talk to them about your idea, learn how to write a business plan, assess your financial aspects and much more to help you build your business. LEAP Junction also provides different events, workshops and even a summer incubator where they will help participants to push forth into their dream by funding and guiding them through their start-up.

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Career and Summer Job Fair

The fair is an opportunity for students to get connected with employers for future work opportunities. For students graduating, this is a way for them to ask questions about the field they are going into from professionals in it. The fair works as a time to show employers who you are as employee. Career Services recommends coming prepared with a resume and dress to impress with plenty of questions to ask one of the many employers that will be present.

Ignite Career Conference

A conference held annually at Fanshawe that invites students to come and learn about workplace practices that are needed in a job. The session includes an employer panel, guest speakers and more. Participants are to take away from the conference important soft skill recognition, personal branding tips, ways to discover yourself and other fruitful knowledge on the workforce. The event is free for anyone to participate, so take the opportunity to find more ways to better improve your skills for a future career.

Community Employment Services in London

This Employment Ontario service runs as a part of Fanshawe and is open to anyone to use. Students, and anyone else, should take advantage of the services they provide, which include information on the labour market, training opportunities, employment workshops, access to a computer and internet as well as free use of a photocopier or telephone if need be. The services aid in job searching by helping you effectively organize and categorize your search efficiently, while work placement support is available to help those find a placement and assist during employment.

If you have any more questions, stop by the Career Services office or go to the website services/employment/london-campus/community-employment-services

Job Postings

Fanshawe College has a database of job postings available for students to access to find work in and around the London area. It is a great opportunity for students to search for specialized work and get an accurate description of the job and what it entails beforehand. The postings include positions for part-time work, full-time positions, apprenticeship opportunities and even jobs available on campus. The site keeps a maintained flow of postings and has sections listed for upcoming deadlines to apply, which is helpful for knowing what is available.

Students can check their account to see the current information on their Co-Op or Co-Curricular Records as well as see what jobs they have applied to and if there are any interviews scheduled with a potential employer. If there are no work positions that seem to fit the type of job you are looking for the site also has a page full of links to other job posting sites that you can take a look at.

To check out the job postings, head to FOL and open the Resources tab to access the Career/Co-Op/CCR option. For information on more of the services Career Services has to offer, visit services/employment/london-campus/career-services