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Sustainability Bulletin: Use your green power


Did you know? Cups from Starbucks and Tim Hortons can be composted, if placed in the correct bin.

Michelle Cong | Sustainability Coordinator, Fanshawe College | Lifestyles | August 23rd, 2019

As students and future leaders, we all need to do what we can to reduce our impact on climate change. That’s why Interrobang is introducing the Sustainability Bulletin, a new column written by Fanshawe College’s environmentally- focused community. This first edition comes from Michelle Cong, Fanshawe’s sustainability coordinator.

Our aim is to encourage cleaner, more sustainable habits from our readers across all of Fanshawe’s campuses, as well as London and beyond. And please, don’t forget to recycle our paper after you finish reading!

More and more people are having climate grief, depression, anxiety and mourning over climate change. However, you don’t have to! Because at Fanshawe, you can use your green power.

You probably have noticed that here on campus, waste bins usually come in four – green, blue, grey, and black, representing compost, container, paper, and landfill. And we call each set a recycling centre. Fanshawe takes pride in the recycling centres because we are able to divert waste to compost instead of landfill.

The bonus is, the compost will be turned into electricity. Therefore, by putting the right waste in the green bin, you are literally generating green power!

So what can go to the compost bin?

Food waste, such as banana peels, leftovers, and apple cores. But there’s more to that! Any food and drink-related paper product can go to compost, such as sandwich wrappers, napkins, poutine containers, and pizza containers. And above all, the coffee cups! Can you imagine how much waste we can divert from landfill by simply putting our coffee cups in the green bin?

The green power is in your hands. Let’s combine our green power together make a change.
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