Sustainable boutiques in London

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Sustainability is on a lot of people’s minds, especially when we see the effects fast fashion has on our planet. A way to shop more sustainably includes thrifting/purchasing second-hand clothing. Although thrifting can be a hit or miss, at the end of the day it helps reduce the amount of clothing being thrown into our landfills. London offers many different thrift stores depending on what you are searching for.

Style 360 - Selective Consignment

360 Springbank Dr.

Style 360 is unlike a lot of other thrift stores in London. The store mostly sells second-hand high-end garments. You can easily find prom/formal dresses along with brand name shoes. There is a large selection of designer wallets and purses scattered throughout the store. Along with more formal clothing, near the back of the store there are the higher-end dresses, blouses, pants, etc. Some brand names include: Armani, Guess, Coach, and Micheal Kors. The items are usually reasonably priced, especially compared to the original retail price.

Plato's Closet

1071 Wellington Rd.

Plato’s Closet is a great place for students to find all sorts of clothing and accessories. Along with finding second-hand Fanshawe and Western University spirit wear, they offer many trendy garments throughout the year. The store is also willing to purchase your used clothing. It is a large store that offers both male and female clothing and accessories for a reasonable price. The store’s Instagram shows new arrivals and sometimes allows you to put holds on items. Overall one of the best options in London for finding second-hand trendy clothing without contributing to some of the clothing that goes to waste.

Mission Thrift Store

2020 Hyde Park Rd.

Unlike the other stores on this list, Mission Thrift Store offers much more than just fashion.Although the clothing found in-store tends to be a bit more dated than others on this list, this store is perfect if you’re interested in upcycling clothing. For those unaware, up-cycling is when you re-purpose an older outfit to make an entirely new look. Aside from clothing, the store offers many hidden gems including vinyls, games, movies, books, dishes and much more. There are many items that most households need for a discounted price. If you have furniture that is in good condition but no longer have a use for, Mission Thrift Store offers a free pick-up service.

Filthy Rebena

533 Richmond St.

Considered a hidden gem in London, Filthy Rebena offers trendy vintage clothing. Located on Dundas Street, not far from Fanshawe’s downtown campus, students are offered a buyone- half-off discount. Although some items are pricier than others on this list, Filthy Rebena has quality vintage clothing along with products from other local brands. The store has a unique feel to it and it’s clear to see why so many fashionistas love it.