Red flags of Tinder: When to swipe left

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Tinder is one of the biggest dating apps on the market and there are countless stories of finding love or a good hook up. Swiping can be lots of fun, and the prospect of finding a significant other (or whatever you’re looking for) can be exciting.

In a way, Tinder can be quite addictive. But while plenty of people have gotten lucky through the app, many others have had horror story experiences. It’s hard to find someone who’s looking for the same thing as you, someone who isn’t a nut job or just a straight up catfish (a false online identity).

Here are a few red flags you should know to swipe left or to un-match:

All pictures are group photos

Having one or two group photos are a great thing to include. That being said, if someone’s profile is only photos of them with a group (especially if it’s in a bar setting), this can be a red flag. For starters, it can be hard to identify who is the person you would be talking to. If you’re looking for a relationship you may not like the idea of someone who’s always at the bar with the boys (or girls).

Only one photo

Using only one photo is cardinal sin for some Tinder users. Nine times out of 10, the photo is usually not even of themselves – more often than not it’s their pet, something sports related or just a silhouette. Even if it is a proper selfie, sometimes that’s just not enough to go off of. A way to see if they are a catfish is to reverse image search using Google images or other free options online.

They don’t smile in any of their pictures

Smiling is underrated in dating profiles. A smile really changes how you see someone and there are even studies that smiling makes you seem more attractive. A profile lacking at least one photo of them smiling gives off vibes that you may not want to try and vibe with.

Little to no bio

On Tinder, photos and a bio is all that you can go off of before swiping left or right. A bio can say a lot about a person (literally and figuratively). Now a paragraph is definitely overkill but not even having a bio is just as bad if not worse. The per fect bio includes a touch of humour, hobbies, and explains their end goal with Tinder, along with other details.

People who want to meet right away or want you to meet them at their house

A red flag should go up the second you match with someone and before you even say “hi” they want to meet up. Even worse is if the meetup spot is at their house/apartment.

Online dating does come with its risks. If you were taught not to talk to strangers growing up, why would you show up alone at their house? Even if this person is eager to meet, it’s a good idea to talk even if it’s for a day or two. One of the perks of online dating is that you can get to know someone from the comfort of your own home without meeting awkwardly right away.

Bonus: If the conversation is dry you can avoid the whole awkward date to begin with.