FSU presents Clubs Day

Header image for Interrobang article CREDIT: FILE PHOTO, FANSHAWE STUDENT UNION
Members for the Anime Club at the 2018 Clubs Day. This year's event will take place on Oct. 1.

On Oct.1 the Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) will be holding this year’s Clubs Day from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in F Hallway. Clubs Day is an opportunity for all students to participate in activities that can broaden their perspective beyond their day-to-day routines.

“Clubs are super important to students and the student life in general. By joining a club we hope students can foster a sense of community and belonging,” said Chelsea Bancroft, FSU’s advocacy and communications coordinator. Bancroft works closely with the cabinets of each club, continuing a line of communication and support.

Currently the clubs that the College hosts are the Fanshawe Accounting Association, Fanshawe Table Top Roleplayers, EnviroFanshawe, International Student Association, Power to Change, Spectrum Fanshawe and Nepali Club at Fanshawe College. Each of these clubs provides members an opportunity to interact with the community as well as strengthen identities, provide future job leads, creating homes away from homes and spiritual guidance. With nearly 21,000 students enrolled at Fanshawe College, the potential for more distinct and unique clubs is more than possible.

“You can create almost any type of club! At this time however we do not allow sporting or athletic clubs. Other than that we love seeing all types of clubs,” said Bancroft.

This day also presents an opportunity for new students to find other like-minded people, potentially outside of their programs, that they can create new bonds and friendships with. Students are encouraged to create clubs if they find that what they are looking for isn’t present on campus.

“All of our clubs are great. While we don’t have anything specific to Fanshawe, I find our clubs do a great job of being active not only in the school but in the community as well,” said Bancroft. The incentive of supportive and encouraging backing from the college’s Student Union should make any misgivings about enrollment or initiation dissolve. Clubs can generate a great sense of camaraderie.

On Oct. 1 the F Hallway will be occupied with members from the aforementioned clubs as they engage with prospective new members who are open to the foundations of each club. If you are unable to find a club that represents your interests or aspirations be aware that all fulltime students are eligible to create new clubs. The process is relatively straight forward.

“Clubs fill out a charter they can get from fsu.ca/clubs. They must have at least five full time student members in order to be ratified,” said Bancroft.

In order to receive funding a minimum of 10 full-time students must sign the charter. Funding is based on a reimbursement program and at a maximum of $500 a year for approved club activities and events. All clubs are inclusive, accepting any and all individuals without prejudice. Also, members are not all required to be Fanshawe students, however non Falcons are not counted towards the minimum number of students needed to ratify and are still expected to pay club dues in order to be recognized as a member by the FSU. More information on new club creation can be found at fsu.ca/clubs.