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Dealing with graduation anxiety
Opinion: Graduating is a significant milestone you should be proud of, so take the time to breathe before worrying about your next steps. Read more

Necessity: The mother of all creation
Now, I'm not saying I enjoy or encourage challenging events to take place in my life, but let's be honest, we all know s#!t happens. Read more

New partnership brings cinematic opportunities to London
A new partnership could help those working in the film industry to stay in London following graduation. Read more

Fantasy football: the most fun you can have on a Sunday afternoon
Fantasy football gives grown men, women and children the opportunity to see what it feels like to be the general manager of a professional sports team - kind of. Read more

How to embrace obstacles as opportunities
Obstacles appear every day and most often we rise to the challenge without much thought. Read more

Breaking up is hard to do
Who wants to think about something as painful as breaking up during the Valentine's Day season? Surprisingly, quite a few and for various reasons. Read more

Deciphering which love archetypes may be in your life
In the realm of the existential, many believe that each of us have particular, optimal pairings on the planet, with individuals whom are ideally suited to us. Read more

Fine art exhibit brings student work to public space
Fanshawe College's fine art program presents its annual Fine Art Third Year Exhibitions running from Jan. 22 to March 14. Read more

CRI secures cannabis license
The Centre for Research and Innovation is heading for greener pastures with its new cannabis research license. Read more

Running the interracial dating dash: A historical approach
Challenges, bigotry and isolation are all factors that people in interracial relationships have to endure. Read more

Is Canada's multicultural mosaic in jeopardy?
Canadian identity is influenced by many, many different cultures and traditions. Read more

Students to compete within their own faculty for Research and Innovation Day
College members can show off their world-changing ideas at Fanshawe's Research and Innovation Day, on March 18. Read more

Networking without networking
Making a genuine connection feels so much better than one that seems manufactured. And genuine connections do not feel like work, they feel as they are; natural. Read more

Health and safety scholarship open to London students
London's Tim Hickman Memorial Scholarship for Health and Safety promotes the importance of health and safety in the workplace and beyond. Read more

Get Active
Here are some easy exercises that anyone can do throughout their day without the need to overhaul their existing schedules. Read more

Mind over matter: Alternatives to assist you in quitting smoking
Unless you're planning a trip to a country that doesn't easily produce cigarettes for purchase and consumption, quitting smoking is not an easy task. Read more

A little bit, every day, goes a long way
It's that time of year again, when people begin making up their resolution lists for the New Year. Read more

International Holidays in December
December has many holidays and festivals, like Christmas, that are celebrated by different cultures throughout the world. Below we identify a few of them and look a little deeper at their origins and traditions. Read more

How to keep your waistline in check over the holidays
Here are some recommendations as to how you can enjoy all you eat during your holidays without bursting at the seams. Read more

Stop helping cybercriminals
How do you fight against something that consumes and preoccupies much of your time? Read more

Two new short-term programs assist the community
Fanshawe College's Access Studies, stationed at 431 Richmond St., is offering two new programs, financial and digital literacy. Read more

Not your typical student discounts
Here are a few little-known benefits for services that can lead to wonderful experiences, foreign shores, and even peace of mind. Read more

New cannabis program set to launch fall 2020
Fanshawe's new cannabis applied science program will give students the opportunity to find their footing in the cannabis industry. Read more

Waste not want not: a guide to where garbage goes
Some of the largest producers of waste in the world stem from developed countries, like Canada, who have access to vast deposits of natural resources like uranium, oil and timber. Read more

Believe it or not: Annual Psychic Fair comes to campus
Want to know how your semester will turn out, or if your recent decisions will bear the kind of fruit you were hoping for? Read more

Code crowned OCAA Champion
Fanshawe's Thomas Code (commerce management) won gold at this year’s Ontario Colleges Athletic Association (OCAA) Provincial Golf Championship. Read more

Annual Pathways Fair shows education possibilities
On Oct. 9 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Fanshawe College will hold its annual Pathways Fair in F Hallway on its main Oxford Street campus. Read more

Spirituality's helping hand
Spiritual activities, both religious and secular, that can possibly help towards living with or battling mental illness. Read more

A history of mental illness therapies
There is no better way to illustrate the misconceptions of the unknown than taking a look at the history of mental illness - from how it was received by society, diagnosed by physicians and treated by individuals who really did not know what they were doing. Read more

Addiction: The good, the bad, and how to tell the difference
We all have one. Whatever form it takes, we all have something in our lives that we turn to automatically, compulsively, or as a means of stress relief. Read more

Chlamydia in London highest among college-aged
The social side of education is the overpass of higher education that offers the greatest potential for the sharing of unwanted stimulus: sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Read more

FSU presents Clubs Day
On Oct.1 the Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) will be holding this year's Clubs Day from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in F Hallway. Read more

How being selfish leads to healthy relationships
Selfishness. This is required for all of us to truly love ourselves. Read more

Meet London's first bike mayor
Shelley Carr is tackling local bike theft in her new role as London's bicycle mayor. Read more

Useful perks at Fanshawe College
There is more to Fanshawe College than meets the eye, and this guide will help to find some of the lesser-known programs, supports and benefits that the school offers. Read more

GCHawk golf simulator now open to students
This past summer, Fanshawe Athletics completed installment of a new GCHawk golf simulator. Read more

Returning to school as an adult
Surviving college as a mature student takes discipline, perseverance and the right attitude. Read more

A harder program to operate than at first glance?
This in no way is meant to berate or minimize the impact shortfalls from OSAP (Ontario Student Assistance Program) have created for some students. Read more

The ever-changing face of OSAP
The execution of the new OSAP framework has generated mixed responses from disappointment to appreciation among students across the province, and within Fanshawe College. Read more

Bike paths in London, Ontario
London has invested significant funds towards making the city greener and more sustainable. Read more

Not a term of endearment
Certain words, even when used casually with no ill intent, can still have destructive power. Read more

The atrophy of etiquette
The world might be a better, more respectful place if learning etiquette was more of a priority. Read more

Cool spots for hot days
If you are down for a daytrip, then maybe a drive up the road will hold a new experience you never thought was so close to home. Read more

Fanshawe athletics manager named OCAA president
Nathan McFadden, manager of Athletics at Fanshawe College, was named the new president of the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association (OCAA) on May 15. Read more

GOT GAME brings 3X3 tourney back to London
Both GOT GAME Sports and Hoop Fest Canada are London-based organizations that have been influenced by the history of this city and its relationship to basketball. Read more

Three Fanshawe alumni enter OCAA Hall of Fame
Three Fanshawe College alumni have officially been inducted into the Ontario Collegiate Athletic Association (OCAA) Hall of Fame. Read more

Professor makes campus more energy efficient
Tom Davis, professor at the Donald J. Smith School of Building Technology at Fanshawe College, has overseen the installation of 600 photovoltaic panels on the roof of Fanshawe's H-building. Read more

Fanshawe employee wins London Music Award
Leanne Mayer has been an employment consultant at Fanshawe College since 2016, and is now the newest winner of the Forest City London Music Award (FCLMA) for best Contemporary Singer/Songwriter. Read more

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