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We all battle with time management – how to manage our daily responsibilities, the wants and needs of our loved ones, make up for wasted time and amidst all of that, trying to find time for ourselves to relax and unwind. It is easy to see how people can run out of energy to take care of themselves.

Committing 30 minutes to an hour a day for things like exercise and physical activity can be a huge ask to those of us who manage their time to the second. But what if you didn’t need to carve out extra time to pamper yourself and take care of your physical health? Below are some easy exercises that anyone can do throughout their day without the need to overhaul their existing schedules.


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If you think about it, you’re doing it already anyway. Now just amp up your steps. With apps nowadays you can count your steps throughout the day and make a game out of it if it motivates you to continue trying to raise the bar. There are roughly 1320 steps in a kilometre, so just imagine the kind of workout you can achieve by pushing yourself a little harder when your soles hit the ground.


Have you ever had to sprint to catch a bus? Those quick bursts of energy are core to the cross-fit workouts that have become so popular over the past decade. If you’re able to find moments when you can take a quick sprint throughout the day, you’ll be surprised at the results that can occur.


Tighten your abdominals when you’re sitting, standing, walking, or even in a horizontal resting position. These exercises work to strengthen your stomach muscles while also strengthening your lower back. A strong core is essential for better balance, posture and a stronger back.


With both feet planted on the ground, push off on the balls of your feet, raising the heel of your foot off the ground. These simple exercises work towards helping strengthen your calves, as well as works against foot ailments that could potential occur in your heels, arches and toes.


If you’re in a situation that has you standing for a long period of time, then take the opportunity to pace about and get some more steps in. Although it is a very low intensity workout, the continual movement will help to maintain mobility and flexibility. Engaging your core while doing this will add an extra level of difficulty and intensity. Pacing is a great way to keep the body warm, thus keeping it prepared for mental and physical activities.


Where stairs are an option, rise to the occasion. Dependent on how far you need to go, this is a great way to raise your heart rate with a little callisthenic workout.


If you’re standing around, but all walked out and don’t want to pace about anymore, try sitting in a wall seat position. Chances are you may have a memory of these body weight exercises from a gym class in your elementary school days. Stand with your back against a wall and slowly lower yourself down into a seated position. Read your text books, watch some television or whatever you desire. Do a few sets of these throughout the day and over time your quads will start feeling as if they were sculpted out of granite.


For those with offspring, you may have used the term “I am not a jungle gym.” If that is the case, throw that offhanded remark out the window and call the little wonder over for a bit of parental-child bonding that will have you building more muscle and testing your heart rate in no time. Whichever way is most comfortable, get your little one to strap in as you lug them around on your back for a workout that will be fun, memorable and musclestrengthening.


These recommendations are ones that you can participate in, instead of the traditional gym workouts of weight training and cardio. Swimming, hiking, dancing, video games (the ones you physically have to perform), playing outdoors with young loved ones, jump on a trampoline, biking, skating, tennis, rock climbing, cleaning, and watersports. You can activate many of the same muscle groups that you would doing these alternative fun activities.