Keren Nanneti reflects on time as FSU president so far

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Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) President Keren Nanneti said her role as part-time president has been both challenging and rewarding.

Keren Nanneti, the first part-time Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) president, said that so far, it’s been an “amazing and challenging” experience.

Nanneti was elected in October 2019 during the FSU By-Election. The FSU presidency role, usually full-time, became a part-time position to cover the rest of the 2019/2020 school year.

She began the role with five goals in mind. She sent out a student survey to gain as much feedback from students as possible and then determine the priorities from the results, and implemented the FSU mobile information stations spread across campus.

The Fanshawe College Student Services and Here For You logos are shown. A young woman is shown sitting at a desk. Text states: Supoort comes in many forms. Experience flexible services that support you where you are.

Increasing volunteering opportunities was the main aspect of her platform. A recent FSU volunteer training session prepared 75 students looking to volunteer. Another 75 students are registered for the next volunteer training session with several more on the waitlist.

There was also a Volunteer Fair held on Jan. 22 and several events are booked for volunteers to get involved and add to their co-curricular record (CCR).

Nanneti’s also been working with Fanshawe’s Career Services to connect students to prospective employers. There are plans to create a networking event where students arrive in professional attire to talk to employers one-on-one before the March 11 Career Fair.

She also aims to meet as many students as possible and, so far, has attended every event and visited the Oxford Street, Downtown, London South and the Norton Wolf School of Aviation Technology campuses.

As FSU president, Nanneti learned how to make tough decisions that must be done for the sake of the students.

“Fanshawe Student Union is all about the students,” she said. “What I learned is whatever you do might not seem right at that point but if you have students in your perspective then it seems right in the long run and it’s a good thing for them.”

Nanneti, a business analysis student, works about 20 hours a week as FSU president and recently clocked in 35 hours because of orientation for the winter semester. The FSU ensures none of her meetings conflict with her assignment deadlines or her class schedules and her friends make sure she stays on track.

“All I have to do is attend my classes and they give me updates on which assignment is due, which project is due, and when we have our team meetings,” she said. “They are very understanding whenever I’m in my work hours.”

Nominations for the upcoming FSU 2020 Election opened on Jan. 20 and will close on Feb. 7. Nanneti wants as many students to run as possible because they’ll realize how capable they are of taking the position once elected. She added, however, that since the position will be full-time, involves lots of responsibility and accountability, and represents all Fanshawe students, it’s not to be taken lightly.

“Candidates who are really serious and passionate about working for the student union for the benefit of students and who are focused in accomplishing something that would take students to the next level and who are really interested in helping out students to create a better experience in school, it’s a good fit for them.”

A new FSU President will be elected on March 4. More information about the upcoming FSU Elections can be found on