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HPV-prevention vaccine could reduce cancer rates amongst men in the LGBTQ+ community
Offering the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine, Gardasil, to more eligible people could help the LGBTQ+ community. The vaccine is offered for free for men, including those who either identify as gay, bisexual or transgender and are under 27-years-old who have had sex with other men. Read more

Fanshawe participating in 100th Anniversary Vimy Ridge Gala
More than 50 Fanshawe students and 15 staff from about seven programs are helping out with the 100th Anniversary Dinner: The Battle of Vimy Ridge. The gala will commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge. Read more


SACL informal survey opens discussion about sexual violence
An informal survey from Sexual Assault Centre London (SACL) is sparking conversation about sexual violence on buses. Read more

How the rise of gluten-free and vegan options affects peope with food allergies
According to the Allergy, Genes and Environment Network (Allergen), about 2.5 million Canadians have at least one food allergy. Restaurants, bakeries and other food and beverage businesses are working to be more accommodating. Read more

"Brewfing" part of public nuisance bylaw
The City of London is cracking down on large gatherings involving drinking on rooftops, also known as brewfing. London City Council passed a motion amending public nuisance bylaw to include the activity. Read more recruiting Fanshawe graduates
About a quarter of staff at graduated from Fanshawe., which recently moved to 100 Dundas Street, is a top voice over marketplace that provides job listings and opportunities for 200,000 voice actors from around the world. Read more


Does Fanshawe's international student enrollment increase coincide with Trump's presidency?
Full-time international student enrollment at Fanshawe nearly doubled from 2,007 in 2015 to 3,446 in 2016. Although international students enjoy studying at Fanshawe, they say that U.S. President Donald Trump's 2016 election is unrelated to the increase. Read more

Sugaring and student debt: Why more students are signing up for sugar relationships
A growing trend with students is entering a sugar relationship to pay their way through school. The website released a list of the top 20 universities and colleges across Canada with registered members. Western University was 13th. Read more

London Wine and Food Show gets a taste of what Fanshawe has to offer
The 12th Annual London Wine and Food Show's guests tried Tom Collins cocktails, ricotta gnocchi and double chocolate stout sticky toffee pudding prepared by Fanshawe's School of Tourism and Hospitality faculty and chefs. Read more

Students pleased with the "You Don't Say" campaign
Fanshawe's You Don't Say campaign is receiving positive feedback from students. Since October 2016, posters of student leaders have been displayed across the campus, with captions explaining why they don't say certain expressions. Read more

Brushstrokes at the bar: Why more people are trying out paint nights
Paint night events are becoming more popular; artists provide guests the opportunity to recreate a painting. Some people even sip some drinks and eat some snacks while participating in these events. Read more


Counselling and Accessibility ensuring there are no barriers for students with academic accommodations
Fanshawe College's Counselling and Accessibility Services has slightly changed the process of letting professors know what accommodations their students need. Read more

Concerns over lack of button for accessible washroom in SC building
Fanshawe has many designated accessible washrooms on campus. However, the accessible washroom in SC1006, the closest accessible washroom to the Health Clinic and the Fowler Kennedy Clinic, does not have a button that can be pushed to open the door to serve people with physical disabilities. Read more

Book lover's gift guide
One of the best parts about the holidays is receiving new books to read. London has numerous amounts of unique smaller bookstores. Whether that person on your list is into science fiction, romance, classic literature or comics, or is looking for the latest read, there is something for everyone at these bookstores. Read more


Fanshawe leaps up in ranking on Canada's Top 50 Research Colleges
Fanshawe moved up from 49th to 32nd on the Re$earch Infosource Inc.'s Canada's Top 50 Research Colleges 2016 list. Read more

Forest City Film Festival showcasing 27 films with ties to Southwestern Ontario
The Forest City Film Festival, which is in its first year, showcases films connected to Southwestern Ontario. There will be 21 official selections in the competition. Read more


Pearn returns home with new animation studio location
London is getting more animated with Bron Studios. Its animation department, Bron Animation, moved to its new location on 717 Richmond Street. Read more


"My dress does not equal yes"
At Halloween, like any time of year, there is a misconception that just because someone is dressed in a certain way, that it means consent. Read more


How the Ontario government is handling student debt: What students and new graduates think of it and should interest be removed from student loans?
Debt is a four-letter word many students and recent graduates dread. The Ontario government said that between 2012 and 2013, a graduate from a four-year university degree had at least $22,207 in student loans to pay back. Read more

Fanshawe participating in EASI skill-assessment pilot project
Fanshawe is one of the 11 Ontario schools participating in the Essential Adult Skills Initiative (EASI) run by the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario (HEQCO). Read more

A haunting we will go
The Fanshawe Pioneer Village has new plans for Halloween; instead of the Haunted Hayride, there will be the Midnight Village. Read more


Marshall working with Fanshawe and community partners for sexual violence prevention and education
Sexual violence prevention advisor at Fanshawe, Leah Marshall, works with the college and community partners to bring two sexual violence prevention awareness initiatives to campus a month each year. Read more

Bringing London's comic community together
Manager of Heroes Comics, Christopher Runciman, is active in London's growing comic book community. Many of London's comic readers and collectors will line up for at least an hour or more to grab up to six comics during Free Comic Book Day. Read more


Paramedic program teaches students about post-traumatic stress disorder
Dugg Steary, the co-ordinator for the paramedic program at Fanshawe, was pleased with Ontario's movement to help first responders experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Read more

Unbound celebrates 10th birthday in style
About 300 people saw designs created by Fanshawe College Fashion Design students and alumni at the 10th annual Unbound Fashion Show at Museum London. Read more

Star Wars mania continues in the Forest City
2015 was a big year for Star Wars. The highly anticipated Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens was released, the first major motion picture released in the series in about a decade. The film collected around $2.05 billion USD and f... Read more

ABCampout head co-ordinator emphasizes importance of mental health awareness
Colleges and universities want to make sure their students take care of their mental health. Both Western University and Fanshawe College have several events and initiatives to help students de-stress, such as therapy dogs, free massages and m... Read more

Two is better than one: London Fringe Festival to join Old East Village and Dundas Street festivals together
Summer is festival season, and London is rich with events. The London Fringe Festival, known for showing unique, small theatre productions and art, is one of the first things Londoners look forward to every summer. Melissa Tipson-Mohr, the... Read more


London's hot spots for film screenings
Watching your favourite classic movie is the one of the best ways to spend your time. Curling up on your couch with a blanket, some snacks and a flick you could never get sick of is one of the easiest ways to destress. However, watching mo... Read more


Social media and photography: How it's changed the way we snap
Photography is a favourite pastime that has changed over generations. We've gone from disposable cameras, to digital point and shoots, to social media apps like Instagram. However, some people decide to turn their photography passion into... Read more

The cold never bothered them anyway: How farmers markets' adapt to the winter
Summer and fall are the seasons we think of when we think about fresh fruits and vegetables. Whether we want a sweet strawberry, juicy tomato or crunchy asparagus, we'll grab it during the time of year we know that produce is in season. Ho... Read more


Films vs Football
Two of the biggest events of the year happen in February: the Super Bowl and the Academy Awards. Many people celebrate one or both awards, which do have some similarities. If they host a house party for either occasion, they decide which appetize... Read more


Spread the cheer all year
Why it’s important to give back after the holidays There are many organizations asking the community to give back during the holiday season. The London Knights host a teddy bear toss for the Salvation Army, where stuffed animals are... Read more

Smooth sailing for Glass Face
The digital era has not only changed the way we listen to music, it’s changed the relationship between musicians and their fans. Up and coming artists, including those in the well-known and growing Music Industry Arts (MIA) program at Fa... Read more


The Workaholic Gift Guide
Maybe it’s a friend that you never see anymore. Perhaps it’s a co-worker or classmate who seems to never leave. It could be your roommate who is stuck inside their bedroom studying. No matter who it is, we all know someone who is a ... Read more

Get a tat, help a cat
There are many reasons to get a tattoo. A common reason is to honour a loved one, be it a friend, significant other or a family member. Some people may even get a tattoo done for their furry friends. A local tattoo shop is giving tattoo an... Read more

Brewing trouble?
What is caffeine dependency, and when should we be concerned Students have numerous tasks to finish throughout the day. Sometimes, we wonder how we have the energy for our classes, assignments, tests, jobs and social lives. It’s hard... Read more

A day of remembrance
Wearing a poppy, attending memorial services and creating artwork are some of the many ways people take the time to thank a veteran, and remember those who participated in a war. Local veterans have produced artwork in honour of Remembranc... Read more

Looking for ghosts in the Forest City and beyond
The possibilities are endless when celebrating the spookiest time of year. Along with binge watching Halloween movies, carving pumpkins and crafting the perfect costume, telling ghost stories is another way to spend the occasion. To take it on... Read more

Leaving your eco-footprint, one stitch at a time
The environment is a hot topic for many students. Some ride their bike to school, pack food in reusable containers, or use a non-disposable water bottles to leave their eco-footprint. However, clothing doesn’t often come to mind when we ... Read more

Heat Wave: Environmental censorship concerns rise as vote day approaches
Election day is getting closer and many people are wondering how they should cast their ballot. Often, it’s just a matter of deciding which issues are important to a voter. One of the major issues people will think about during and after... Read more

No pain, no gain: A breakdown on body building
Log on to any social media feed and you are guaranteed to see at least one person posting about being active or announcing their plans to live a healthier lifestyle. However, everyone has different plans to reach specific goals. Some will want ... Read more

Mature students give their advice to fellow Falcons
The first day of college can be exciting, but also stressful. Although you are looking forward to starting a new chapter in your life, making new friends and learning new lessons, you worry about feeling lost, alone and behind on your work. ... Read more

ZipCar available at Fanshawe
Although most students have a bus pass, some prefer to use their own car to drive onto campus. However, finding a parking spot can be tedious and paying parking fees and parking tickets can add up and become costly. Students now have anoth... Read more

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