Five tips to surviving the holiday season

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Are you worried about holiday stress? Be wary of how you are feeling and prioritize yourself.

The holidays are a magical time of year, but sometimes, you can face challenges. Whether it be financial struggles, the fear of over-indulging, or forgetting to have fun, here are five tips to surviving the holiday season.

1. Make a gift from the heart

If money is tight, don’t overdraft your account to buy someone a gift. Sometimes, a homemade gift is an even better option. Make something you know that person will love. It can be a happy jar, where you write notes to brighten up a difficult day, a coupon book with favours to do throughout the year for that person, or even singing them a song. The holidays are tough for everybody, but it’s the thought behind the gift that truly counts.

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2. Eat however you want

Don’t stress too much about what you are eating over the holidays. This time of year only comes around once, so enjoy it! Part of the season is indulging in delicious food with the people you love. It’s okay to break your diet for a day or two and not feel guilty.

3. Take time for yourself

If you get overwhelmed when you’re in a social setting for an extended period of time, take a breather. Step outside or away from the crowd and have a few moments to yourself. Everyone needs a break from time to time.

4. Laugh lots and smile often

The holidays are a time for love and laughter. Try not to let the holiday stress take away from that. Be with the people (and animals!) you love and hug them tight.

5. Enjoy the magic of the season

The holidays are colourful and bright, with all of the lights and joy spreading through the community. Go out and be immersed in that. This is a time for happiness and you can feel the joy in the air. In London, there’s the Magic of the Lights at the Longwoods Conservation Area to drive through for anyone looking for something pretty and fun.

The main takeaway from this holiday season is to do what makes you happy and comfortable. Save those extra few dollars and make something from the heart, step away from the crowd when you need to, and make sure to indulge on all the holiday foods you only get to experience once a year.