Out with the old, in with the new trends of 2022

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Many people have turned to making comfort stylish. People are prioritizing comfort and warmth, especially this winter season.

People believe that once the new year begins, they have a whole new opportunity to rebrand themselves, not just by going to the gym and eating healthier or giving up the bad habits from the previous year, but also by changing their appearance. So, what are the latest fashion trends that people may take inspiration from to start feeling like a better version of their 2021 selves?

Since comfort became more of a priority during quarantine, we have seen the impact COVID-19 has had on new trends. As a result, many people have turned to making comfort stylish. People are prioritizing comfort and warmth, especially this winter season. For example:

  • Wearing matching sweatpants sets but accessorizing them with oversized coats and chunky jewelry
  • Making balaclavas a cool accessory while also keeping them warm in the winter weather
  • Layering vests over sweaters is becoming increasingly fashionable and warm, comfortable fabrics like knits have become even more popular.
Catsuits will be one of the unexpected trends in 2022, but was it really unexpected when they combine the comfort of a yoga one-piece and a going-out suit that shows off the body’s silhouette? Although it has mostly only been seen on runways, celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Lizzo have already begun wearing it out (Bazaar). Blazers are a style that started in 2021 and will continue into 2022, although they will transition from an oversized look to a more tailored micro blazer. Even though more body-shaped looks will be seen throughout 2022, the comfortable over-sized look will still be in, with big coats to wear for the cold months of 2022 (Bazaar). These big, boxy coats go with practically anything you want to wear and even if black or brown are the more popular colours, they can also be worn in many fun colours and patterns to add an extra pop to any outfit that might need just that little bit of elevation.

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Comfort will not stop at coats. Big, oversized shirts will also be in throughout 2022 (Bazaar), to be worn as a layer over tight pieces of clothing or simply as a flowy oversized shirt that will give you as much room to breathe and move around as you want. As the warmer months come back in 2022, some pieces more suitable for the spring/summer seasons will be tight miniskirts (Bazaar), a trend best known for its popularity in the early 2000s. As seen throughout 2021, Y2K became one of the year’s most popular street styles, with pieces that will undoubtedly carry into the new year, with another piece from this Y2K phenomenon being low rise jeans (Bazaar). This trend was not for everyone in 2021 as it exposed more skin and was a stark contrast to the new wave of loose, comfortable jeans coming in, but these new 2022 low-rise jeans will integrate the best of both trends by combining a low-waisted hemline with the baggy look of oversized jeans to create a pair of loose jeans that sit perfectly at the hips.

For warmer months, brighter colours will be incorporated into accessories like mini handbags and bucket hats (Bazaar) which will completely enhance a basic outfit and give it a pop of style. Accessories will undoubtedly become a key part of everyday clothes merely to take the style to another level, with simple trends coming in like bra tops, a chain belt around the waist could make that look a lot more stylish by adding that little shine.

Despite the fact that the new year has already begun, many are still unwilling to let go of the comfort their clothes once brought to them during quarantine, but they are eager to take that comfort to a new level by making it chic. And for those who are ready to feel young and fun again, there will be many trends with colourful and shiny elements to play around with when they want to show off this mood in their clothes.