Starting fresh this spring

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The rebirth of nature makes us feel new powers to overcome difficulties, challenge ourselves with something new and fulfill the old promises. It’s the time when the motivation is overwhelming.

The calendar pleases us with days that are harbingers of warmth. And even if it’s still chilly outside, you can be sure that nature will wake up soon, which means strength and inspiration will increase.

There’s no better time to make new promises than spring. The rebirth of nature makes us feel new powers to overcome difficulties, challenge ourselves with something new and fulfill old promises. It’s the time when motivation is overwhelming.

Spring makes us remember the unrealistic vows we gave ourselves when popping champagne on New Year’s Eve. Scientists proved that during winter time it’s twice as difficult to concentrate on your ultimate goals. That’s because our ancestors used to waste all their energy on essential needs such as finding food and protecting the place of living. That’s why the outcome of most New Year’s resolutions is disappointment.

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But it doesn’t mean that we should underestimate our inner forces and feelings that move us to fulfilling our dreams. Spring gives them a second breath. Eventually, it becomes a period of planning and action. And it also comes down to our past and nature. Historically, spring was a period of growing plants and starting work. It all can make you feel that it would be far more logical for the new year to turn over in March.

Here are five ideas to help you enjoy this inspiring time of the year and make it happy:

1. Capture the sun

During winter, the body lacks Vitamin D and misses sunrays. The spring sun is not yet as aggressive as the summer one, so you can spend more time outside. As soon as the weather is warm enough, go for a walk. This is good not only for health, but also for the mood and mind. It can help get rid of annoying thoughts, find solutions to ongoing problems or be a social time by sharing a stroll with friends.

2. Go for a run

In the process, you can also be nourished by sunlight. Many runners postpone training during winter, fearing low temperatures. Spring is a great time to get back into the running ranks. The sun rises earlier if you like to run in the morning. Meanwhile, the air gets warmer, and the spring mood inspires for more activity.

A lot has been said about the benefits of running. When you start exercising regularly, you will notice how your mood and well-being improve and new ideas appear. During a run, many literally get the answers to all their questions!

The paradox of running is also that you spend energy on it, and as a result, you get even more power. Plus, running is a great and simple way to lose a couple of extra winter holiday pounds, and this is another reason for happiness!

3. Plan your vacation and travel

Did you know that our brain perceives exploring any new area as a journey? That means that it is not necessary to go to another country in order to gain new vivid impressions and change your location. Thus, you can travel almost every week to nearby places and get the same sensation as travelling abroad.

Now, remember how you felt during a good trip to a new place. Most likely, you experienced joy, interest, positive emotions; you were able to relax, switch, and escape from the hustle and bustle. Even the anticipation of an entertaining trip brings a good portion of pleasure.

So feel free to open your calendar, write down the nearest entertainment and travel to it. School is over soon, so you get additional motivation to finish the year and maybe spend more time with friends or family. Even travelling alone gives an understanding of self-worth. It is not difficult, but it will bring a huge boost of energy and positive emotions.

4. Decide on doing something new

You can turn yourself on after a long winter sleep with completely new actions that are not familiar to you. You can start learning a new foreign language, go to a dancing class, start your own project, write a book, draw a picture, or try some other new hobbies. The main thing is that it should be something new for you.

Yes, it might mean going out of your comfort zone, but that’s where development and growth begins. There is much more drive, interest, inspiration, and after that, pride in yourself and faith in the limitlessness of possibilities. Only choose something new, something that will make you remember this spring.

5. Take pictures

It can seem trivial, but try every day to notice something special from your life and the world around you. Catch the moment with the camera, without thinking about the right light, ideal poses and clarity. Do it for inspiration. Just collect these photos in a separate folder, and during next winter, review the pictures of your spring days and again be astonished by that beauty, thankful again for the wonderful moments of life.