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Around the Ring: Lita out of the WWE ring

Peter W | Interrobang | Sports | December 4th, 2006

Oh manI wish I had more people over for the Survivor Series. Not that I was exactly lonely, I mean, I had my girlfriend there and my other friend who was giving $10 towards the show, but that means I lost $30! I understand that you have to start the show off with the oldies, I mean, “Legends” vs. the Spirit Squad to get it over with, but to have the ref count out Ron Simmons right away and then turn around and disqualify Arn Anderson is just plain bullshit and the fans knew it, too. Not only that, but the WWE has been teasing Kenny's departure or the dismantling of the Squad for weeks now. It didn't happen this night and it didn't even happen the next night on Raw. Nothing happened! Stupid writers.

That was the crappiness of the Survivor Series: NOTHING HAPPENED! The matches really had no effect on the world of the WWE! DX and co totally buried their opponents and the Kennedy/Undertaker match was complete crap. I only had to shake my head when the WWE didn't give Lita a decent good-bye and ended the show with Batista vs. King Booker. Yes, Batista won the belt, but it was so cheesy! I should have saved my money for the December to Dismember PPV coming up (or last Sunday depending on when you read this).

As for crappy Raw the night after if all these friends of Ric Flair decided to go out and party with him to celebrate (confusingly now including HHH), why the hell would you leave the building without him? SOMEONE WOULD LOGICALLY BE LEAVING WITH HIM!!! So Orton and Edge beat the hell out of Flair and no one is around to stop them? NO ONE? The same goes for the main event where the Hardy Boys (who were looking awesome once again as a tag team) were dominating until the very end when Edge cheated, got his team DQ'd and continued to beat the Hardys to a bloody pulp as well. So, NO ONE is around to help or step in? Only the mighty DX can do that? Please.

This is piss poor writing.

Thank goodness the WWE let Victoria win her women's rumble to get the number one contender spot for the women's title. With Lita and Trish out of the picture, hopefully the WWE will realize that they have a very talented (and now good lookin') lady in Victoria.

TNA was pretty good this week, especially watching the old New Age Outlaws taking more shots at DX and Vince McMahon. Hopefully this will continue and have more exciting vignettes that make the WWE take a shot at TNA so people who still (for some stupid reason) haven't watched the better wrestling product on the mass-market right now.

I'd finish this off with my predictions on the December to Dismember PPV but as of writing this (Tuesday night), there are only two matches announced: the extreme elimination chamber match (where I think RVD or Test will walk out as champ) and the Hardys vs. the newly reformed (for one night?) MNM. Another great marketing job by the WWE.
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