Fanshawe hosts young filmmaker workshops

Header image for Interrobang article CREDIT: SVITLANA STRYHUN
The workshops for young talents are being held at Fanshawe's film studio in M Building.

Films have always fascinated us as a way to interpret a written or imaginary story. It is never easy to prepare such a project, even if you are full of ideas and know exactly how it should look. Most young artists do not know where to start. That’s why this year’s Forest City Youth Film Festival (FCFYFF) has announced a Fun Film Workshop for high school students who want to discover their talent or discuss the ideas they’ve been collecting for long time. The students will use the time and resources to create their own short films.

It is a two-day workshop that will take place at Fanshawe College on June 2 and 9. On the first day, participants had the chance to voice and discuss their ideas. It is primarily important for young filmmakers to understand what to focus on to improve the stories they want to tell and find inspiration for future projects. The workshops give students the chance to work with industry professionals and other talented young colleagues.

“The Forest City Young Film Festival Workshop is important because it’s an opportunity for youth to connect with one another about filmmaking in a supportive creative environment,” said filmmaker and FCYFF Manager, Cole Stevens.

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Students will be able to connect with their classmates and express opinions about each other’s projects, giving tips and providing support.

The workshops for young talents are being held at Fanshawe’s film studio in M Building. It will not only help students to engage in a creative environment, but also experience the work of film directors for their own projects.

Fanshawe College is known for its film studio and equipment. As students gather for the workshops, they will have the time to think and work more on their initial project to make it more appealing and attractive for an audience. In the end, every participant will create their own short film. It will contribute not only to the improvement of their skills, but to their future portfolio if they decide to continue their professional way in this direction.

After screening the students’ films on the last workshop June 9, the young filmmakers will receive commentaries and opinions from their colleagues. Romy Goulem and Charlie Egleston, filmmakers and professors of Fanshawe College’s Advanced Filmmaking program, will be responsible for expressing professional commentaries and helping students to focus on their strong points.

“They will have an opportunity to create their own films over a week, after what we’ll reconvene [June 9] to screen the exciting things they’ve created with the support of local professionals,” Cole said.

The Forest City Festival is an annual event that takes place in October. It allows young filmmakers from southwestern Ontario to experience film production.