Employer Rounds reveal rising stars amongst Fanshawe's marketing students

Header image for Interrobang article CREDIT: LINA MANUEL-MAJZOUB
Select students gain invaluable experiential learning opportunities during the capstone portion of their graduating semester.

Marketing students from Fanshawe College are taking London’s business world by storm. Star students from the Marketing Management and Business Administration Marketing programs who have excelled throughout the course are allowed the coveted opportunity to participate in Employer Rounds.

“We work with live clients, so what students have to do is really take everything they’ve learned in all of their marketing courses and be able to apply it to a live project, so we bring in clients within our community,” explained Fanshawe marketing professor, Lina Manuel-Majzoub.

Select students gain invaluable experiential learning opportunities during the capstone portion of their graduating semester, and employers, near and far, are lining up to have Fanshawe students on their team. It’s the student’s hands-on training and experience, working with both for-profit and non-profit organizations, that has them catching the attention of employers and agencies.

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“We have a list of clients waiting to get into Employer Rounds, we never have a shortage of clients,” Manuel-Majzoub added.

Employer Rounds students recently partnered with City Studio on a Tourism London project where they had the opportunity to be involved in multiple projects. This included a comprehensive COVID-19 recovery marketing strategy for bringing American tourism to London. The chosen 17 Kinlin students, who created a search engine marketing campaign for tourism London. The government-funded Ripen Level Up initiative also enabled the rising stars of the program to see the project through to fruition.

“Because of the Ripen program, the students continued working, and they actually ran the campaign live, and then they measured the results,” Manuel-Majzoub said. “So, they were able to take that project full circle. It’s not just creating the project but being able to implement it in and measure it.”

Employer Rounds faculty are not just building relationships within the local business community, but since going online they have had clients all over Canada, U.S., and beyond.

“We had an alumni Fanshawe student, who now is living in Hong Kong, and she wanted help starting an E-commerce website. So, we really do open it up to anyone who needs marketing help,” Manuel-Majzoub said.

Fanshawe has built various connections with local business, as well as with world-renowned online marketplaces like Shopify, which provide students with much sought after skills in the industry.

“Students get training on building Shopify websites, [and] earn accredited badges, all while helping community organizations launch their websites and grow their businesses,” Manuel-Majzoub explained.

Manuel-Majzoub added that professors feel confident that students are work-ready and equipped with the experience and knowledge to enter the workforce when they leave the Fanshawe program.

“We have a lot of connections with marketing agencies and the hiring managers who say to us time and time again, ‘when we see Employer Rounds on a resume, that resume goes to the top of the pile, because we know that your students have had the experience that they need to get started,’” she said. “We have students in our course right now, they said to us, ‘we came to Fanshawe and we took this program just for this course,’ and we get that comment all the time.”