Fanshawe mourns 29-year-old student killed in hit-and-run

Jibin Benoy, 29, was an international student from India studying operations management at Fanshawe College.

The Fanshawe community is mourning the loss of 29-year-old Jibin Cheruvilputhenpurayil Benoy. Benoy was killed in a hit-and-run incident in the city’s east end on Sept. 18. Benoy was an international student from India, who had recently graduated from the practical elements of mechanical engineering program and who was a current student in the operations management program at Fanshawe College.

Benoy had been riding his bicycle home from a shift at downtown restaurant Kluck It in the early hours of the morning. After parting ways with a coworker on Hamilton Rd. at Little Grey St., Benoy was suddenly struck by a vehicle and later pronounced dead at the hospital.

Police are still looking for the suspect vehicle, which they now say is a “blue sedan, possibly fourdoor, with what was described as a loud muffler.”

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They added that the vehicle is believed to have significant damage to the front end, hood, and windshield.

Investigators are urging anyone who was on Hamilton Rd. between 4:30 a.m. and 4:45 a.m. on the day of the incident, or who may have dashcam, residential or business video that could assist with the investigation, to contact the London Police Service.

Benoy’s boss, Ibraheem Halbouni created a GoFundMe “to help with all costs associated and provide help for the family members who were dependent on Jibin.” The GoFundMe has raised over $15,000 as of Sept. 20. The funds will go towards taking care of Benoy’s needs in Canada, while the remaining funding will go towards Benoy’s family in India. A second GoFundMe has also been organized by the London Ontario Malayalee Association, raising over $20,000 as of Sept. 20.

“I started the GoFundMe to help get his body to India and raise some money for his family that was dependent on him,” Halbouni said. “His family saved and spent all they had to get him here.”

Benoy had been working at Kluck It for 10 months while completing his studies. On Kluck It’s official Instagram page, a post in Benoy’s memory called him “a friendly and warm soul you would always want to be around.

“Not only was he [a part] of our Kluck It team, but he was a son, friend, husband and brother,” the post continued. “He was always a joy to be around and always kept a smile on his face.”

In an interview with the London Free Press, Halbouni shared that Benoy was in the final steps of bringing his wife over to Canada from India.

“As far as good souls, he was one of the best. He was patient, always happy, a jokester. When this guy came to work, everyone was happy. He put a smile on everybody’s face,” Halbouni said. “He never complained. He was working hard to bring his wife from India. I think they were in the final steps.”

On Sept. 22, the Fanshawe flag at Fanshawe’s London Campus was lowered to half-mast in Benoy’s memory.

For students impacted by this news, grief support is available through Counselling and Accessibility Services at Fanshawe College. Call 519-452-4282 or email to book an appointment.