Relax over long weekend. Live in the moment and don’t take life too seriously. Stay in tune with the universe and what matters to you most. Update your image and spend time with someone you love. Touch base with people you find mentally stimulating and you’ll discover a project that excites you. Speak up and share your vision, and the response you receive will be exciting. You can celebrate, but don’t go overboard. Romance is on the rise. Keep an open mind, but don’t let anyone coerce you into something that isn’t a good fit for you.


A person shown reading a book. Text states exam time can feel overwhelming. Let us help you succeed.

Stop waffling over matters that require action. Be the one to stand up and make a difference. Change what isn’t working for you while you have a chance over the long weekend. Take a practical approach to life and walk away from anger and negativity. Don’t stop believing in yourself or your ability to bring about change. Speak passionately and be willing to follow through with your plans. A kind gesture will far exceed any suggestion you make. Be creative, use your imagination and give whatever you do a unique twist.


Take the extended break to concentrate on education and figuring out what you want to do with the rest of your life. Don’t let what other people say or do bother you. Do what’s best for you, and don’t look back. Take care of your responsibilities. Go beyond the call of duty to emphasize your specialties, dedication and overall value. Entertain those you want to have fun with, and you’ll become a rising star. Indulgence will lead to trouble if you spend beyond your means. Know when to say no and do so without making a fuss. A kind word will make a complaint sound less offensive.


Reinvent yourself after Thanksgiving. Commit to what makes you happy and feels like a good fit and follow through. Make changes at home but get the OK from anyone affected by the alterations you put in motion. Delve into something that interests you and you’ll discover something about your past or your ancestry that offers insight into something you want to pursue. Don’t move out of desperation; make a change based on your needs and how much of a difference you can make. You’ll make headway if you feed off what others do and improve as you proceed. Focus on health and fitness.


Refuse to let money problems bring you down. Consider what will brighten your mood and get you up and running at full speed. A pick-me-up will promote excellent stability. Live, love and laugh. You’ll have a handle on projects that require research. Getting immersed in something that makes a difference or improves your surroundings or community will raise your profile and other people’s awareness regarding something that matters to you. Before proceeding, take a moment to go over what’s important to you. Nurture a meaningful relationship.


It’s up to you to change. Don’t wait around for someone to make the first move. Size up your situation and implement whatever change is necessary. It’s time to reinvent how you deal with people who use others. Put everything you can into working toward a goal. A physical response that gets the work done will fetch the most praise. Talk is cheap, so start doing and stop talking. Put work, money and getting ahead first and foremost. You’ll gravitate toward the unusual, but before you give in to temptation or what others want you to do, question the validity and the outcome.


Take better care of your home, family and mental health. Too much of anything will turn into overkill that can work against you. Put your energy into research and discovering how best to use your talents to get ahead. You’re in the groove on and should put your best foot forward. Socialize, participate, listen and observe, and you will make informative connections regarding something you want to pursue. Do things secretly if you want to stop someone from taking advantage of you. Stick close to home, keep your plans to yourself and finish what you start.


Stretch your time between school and home. Fulfilling your obligations will put your mind at ease and help you keep complaints to a minimum. Don’t put limitations on yourself or others. Balance and integrity will make a difference in the outcome. Time is money, taking care of any promises you make will determine how well you do and the rewards you receive. Stick to a budget; if you use your ingenuity, you’ll find a way to get what you want for a price you can afford. Make plans to have fun. Look for something to do that’s entertaining and cost-efficient.


Don’t disregard a situation that irks you. Someone listening will share what you say, leaving you in a compromising position. Go about your routine and focus on inner growth and presenting yourself professionally. Reach out to someone who shares your interests, and you’ll get answers to questions that determine the path you’ll pursue. A short trip or adventure to oversee possibilities will spark your imagination. Don’t decide too quickly; time is on your side, and a better deal will come. Be careful what you say. Sharing personal information will put you in a vulnerable position. Choose your words wisely.


Look at every angle before you make a move or sign up for something new. Consider changing how you handle your responsibilities based on lifestyle. Be careful how much you take on or promise to do. Don’t let anyone take advantage of you. Protect against anyone trying to get you to take on something you don’t want to do or feel is detrimental to getting ahead. Think before you act. Look for a new and exciting way to use your talents to get ahead.


Put more time and effort into health and how you present yourself to others. Don’t feel you have to overspend to impress others. Invest in yourself, your skills and your attributes. Do whatever it takes to be at your very best. Revisit pending problems and you’ll discover something you didn’t notice in the past. Make a couple of adjustments. Commit to someone you care about, and your offer will be well received. Romance is on the rise. Sharing too much about your finances, and health will work against you. Verify information before you make a commitment.


Let your imagination run wild. Share your thoughts with someone with similar concerns, desires or long-term plans. Debates will lead to solutions and a better understanding of what’s possible. Fix up your digs and plan to entertain. Kick back with friends, the talks you have will offer insight into your relationship with others and encourage you to nurture upbeat and advantageous connections. Distance yourself from people looking for an argument and align with those who offer positive feedback. Share your feelings with someone you love and trust to give you good advice.