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Ask the Sex Doc: Cleanliness important to ensure healthy sex life

Dr. Brian Parker | Lifestyles | December 4th, 2006

Dear Sex Doc;
So here's my dilemma. My boyfriend loves getting blowjobs. That's not a big deal, but the smell of his crotch is. I don't know if it's because he's not circumcised or what, but his dick reeks. I love my guy, but something has to give.
Allergic to Cheese @ GMC

Dear Allergic to Cheese @ GMC;
You're right Allergic to Cheese, your guy has to give his dick a thorough washing. Tell him your mouth won't visit his hot dog until he has wiped all the cheese curds away.

The rancid smell emanating from his groinage might be due from the fact that he's uncircumcised. However, dirty boys with cut cocks can still have stinky ones.

His dick cheese is most likely a result from not cleaning under the hood of the car. Smegma, is an accumulation of bacteria under the foreskin. Regular washing of the foreskin and head can keep the Gouda away.

Allergic to Cheese, either your dude is just too lazy to clean his wang, or his parents never taught him how to polish his stick when he was young.

For all you uncut boys out there who were never instructed, you'll want to regularly pull the foreskin back and clean the foreskin and head of the penis with mild soap and water.

And Allergic to Cheese, you'd better make sure you start to use the showerhead for more than just getting off. Smegma can also accumulate under the clitoral hood or in the vaginal lips. You don't want a stinky kitty, do you?

If your guy does clean his pipe regularly, the rotten salami stench could be from a yeast infection or STI. That's right Allergic to Cheese, boys can get a build up of candida too. So if he's got a cheesy curd knob and a flaky skin dick, you'd better send him to the doctor.

If his stinky dinky isn't caused from lack of cleanliness or a yeast infection, the horrific vapours putting your gag reflex into overdrive are most likely due to a Gonorrhea infection.

Like I mentioned Allergic to Cheese, you'd better keep your face away from his crotch. And when he's cleaned up, you really should be using condoms for oral since you can get lots of nasty STIs and infections from unprotected mouth sex.

Dear Sex Doc;
I read somewhere that women can become addicted to vibrators. Is this true?
Gullable Gina @ UBCO

Dear Gullable Gina @ UBCO;
No, this is not true. If I had a quarter for every time I get asked this question I'd be very wealthy. It seems both men and women think vibrators are addictive.

And Gullable Gina, even I have to admit that I'm jealous I'm not a chick when I see how some of those vibrators are designed to stimulate all your hot spots at once.

Even though these love tools are designed to give women incredible orgasms, they are not addictive, nor do they desensitize your most precious organs.

There is no evidence that sex toys are addictive. In fact, a study by Davis et al. (1996), found that using sexual aids improves individual's and couple's sexual functioning and satisfaction. And, almost all sex therapists will recommend a vibrator to women who are having trouble reaching the big O.

Many women actually report they become more orgasmic with their partner after they have used a vibrator. Vibes can quicken the amount of time it takes for a woman to achieve orgasm with a partner. Not such a bad thing if you're rushed for time.

Vibrators are an excellent warm up tool to use before and/or during sex. They help women learn more about their body's sexual response.

So Gullable Gina, I hope I've proved to you that there is nothing harmful about regular vibrator use. However, like I said to Sore Dick Failing Math at UNB who figured he was addicted to jerking off, you can be addicted to masturbating (with or without a vibe) if it hinders other aspects of your life.

If you find yourself rubbing one after another out repeatedly, you might have a problem. It might be time to take that buzz toy out of you and concentrate on school.

Dr. Brian Parker is a clinical sexologist and sex educator and the co-creator of two sexual intimacy board games “Embrace” and “Pillow Talk.” The games are available on his website, which features original erotic art, high-end sensual products and adult sex education.

This column is made possible by the generous support of O'My Natural Lubricants. If you have a sexual question you want answered in the ‘Ask the Sex Doc' column please email and watch for his response in this paper.
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