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Games, fashion and charity at the X

Zeek Hoffman | 106.9fm the X | Lifestyles | December 4th, 2006

Hey y'all this is the station promo down-low of what's done or on the go…

Keep promoting X Dance Parties on the air. We do formals, theme dances, regular dances, we can get intelligent laser lights. DJ Schwartz (Derek Schwartzentruber) is our DJ he has all of the latest X hiphop, R&B and dance hall favourites, we bring the X Mystery Wheel and great prizes and giveaways. And to top it off some lucky members of the school's student council will be able to come in and co-host our X morning show, the day of their X Dance Party. To book they phone the station at 519-453-2960

All in all, the X Dance Parties were both successful and we can hopefully look forward to the X gaining more revenue from these events, they were such a good idea to do and some great mind deserves a pat on the back. Keep up the work and let's score some more of these dances, on-air announcers remember to pump these up and make people excited.

The Morning Show Game is the “Hypothetical Question Game” brought to us by Universal. The announcers will have people call in and will ask them a question. Whatever they answer they get a prize because there is no right or wrong answer. Prizes this week are Laguna Beach CD's, Hedley DVD's etc… all from Universal. Also we have tickets for up coming shows at the Embassy and Rum Runners. Papoose is coming to Rum Runners, so listen closely at 4 pm to win tickets.

The Fashion Show is a big deal and we will need everyone to pull together to make this magic happen. If you know any designers or stores who have clothes and they would like to display them for a charitable cause put them in contact with Erica or Toni, or if you know any businesses that would help to sponsor the event, or a place to get tables and chairs donated. We will need help with advertising, selling tickets, sponsorship, models, fashion designers, decoration set up, making the entertainment happen (we have some people booked)

The 106.9 the X Presents the Black, White, Red AIDS Awareness Benefit Fashion Show will be held at the Music Hall on Dundas attached to Rum Runners on Saturday, December 2nd in the evening. We are planning a dinner, a silent auction, a slide show power point presentation, and a fashion show. Tickets can be bought for the entire event ($25 in advance, $30 at the door) or just for the fashion show (price TBA). We are aiming at selling out the event and packing the place with 500 people over 200 for the dinner.

We need a theme for the fashion show, also if you know experienced dressers, or lighting experts, or places to get lingerie, swimsuits, shoes, accessories, or designers who have a wearable fashion collections, give the promotions team the hook-ups.

The X Christmas Feast will be Saturday, December 12 at 5pm. We will be serving food at the Rotholme Womens' and Family Shelter, and we are hoping to land a sponsor to be able to bring the 60 people gifts as well. Pump up this feast and fashion show in your bits announcers we want them to be successful events. We will be using our portion of the co-sponsored “Pirates and Wenches Pub” to buy gift for the children. There are three fathers, 35 women and 22 children on average at the shelter about 11 boys and 11 girls, give or take depending on the week.
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