Keep moving along steadily through the end of November. Take care of roommate issues and make improvements to your living space that add to your entertainment, comfort and affordability. Don’t complain; think positive. Consider how much things cost before you agree to something that may stretch your budget. Stress due to debt is avoidable if you buy what you need and not what you want. Keep working towards your goal and you will make progress. Helping others will reflect your kindness and compassion and encourage others to return the favour. Let your intuition lead the way.


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Parties provide a great time to mingle and socialize. Preparation is your ticket to success. Problems will arise with someone close to you if you aren’t attentive. If you have a change of heart, be upfront about your feelings and intentions. Finding a mentor who works in the same industry you want to pursue will pay off. Listen to how others approach work and you will discover something that will help you take care of your responsibilities in record time. Spending time with someone you love will bring you closer together.


Lend a helping hand to those in need and you will connect with someone who touches you emotionally. The information you share will help rectify a situation holding you back. Mental fatigue will set as the semester begins to draw to a close. Listen to a loved one carefully and respond with honesty and integrity. Let your actions speak for you. Put your heart into whatever you do, and you’ll outfox anyone who tries to throw you off guard. Attend a party and you’ll be able to enjoy some much-needed social time while de-stressing.


Dazzle everyone with your clever ideas and creative talent. Attend parties that allow you to be your true self. You’ll learn something worthwhile from someone with more experience that will be a game changer for you when it comes to getting ahead or fulfilling a purpose. Don’t live in a fantasy world. Be realistic regarding what’s possible; you will find it easier to convince others to help or support your plans. Your charm and charisma won’t let you down. Discipline and a healthy lifestyle will eliminate bad habits.


Express your thoughts and the input you receive will help you with your education or personal pursuits that will change your routine. Do what suits you best. Refuse to let anyone limit what you can do. Take responsibility for your happiness and follow the path that puts a smile on your face and warms your heart. Emotional stress will drain you. Get your facts straight before you address your concerns. Attend a social event and you’ll gain insight into a situation that will motivate you to make a move or a change that will eliminate what ails you.


Help is on the way; all you must do is ask. Take part in events that interest you. Love and romance are in the stars. Don’t reveal secrets or sensitive information or someone will blame you for negligence. Study the possibility of a change someone recommends before you continue. Put safety, honesty and integrity first. Confusion will occur if someone sends you mixed messages. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. It’s better to find out where you stand than to waste time playing games. Put your energy where it counts and you’ll stand out and make a difference.


Practice what you preach, and you’ll gain respect. Getting along with your peers will determine your status quo. Eliminate the temptation to donate or spend on something you don’t need. Don’t let an impulse get the best of you. Over-the-top behaviour will lead to a stressful situation that can affect your finances, health and emotional well-being. Don’t be too quick to judge others. Someone will be eager to mislead you if it helps them get ahead. Social events, sports activities and hanging out with your besties will help you put things in perspective.


Take a walk down memory lane and text someone you haven’t talked to in ages, which will lead to fun plans. A new look will fetch compliments and give you the confidence to step up your game mentally, physically and financially. Too much of anything will drag you down. Slow down, think matters through and change only what’s necessary. A money matter is best resolved quickly. The longer you let things slide, the more expensive it will be to reverse what’s happened. Use your power of persuasion to get what you want.


Addressing a medical issue will make your domestic life less stressful, more manageable and filled with the people and things that make you happy. A change someone makes or that isn’t something you can control will blindside you. Take a moment to adjust, rethink your strategy and reconfigure how to move forward without a hitch. An opportunity is there, but if you cloud your vision with negativity or believe false information, you will face setbacks that lead to an untimely disagreement. Discipline, hard work and working by yourself will pay off. You’ll discover information that can help you if you sweet-talk someone into sharing sensitive facts.


Search for new ways to bring in more cash, and you’ll devise an optimum idea to raise interest among your peers. Get the ball rolling and you will make progress. Stick to the budget you set and don’t let your emotions get the best of you when someone asks for a handout. The priority is bringing money in, not giving it out. A gift, windfall or unique way to save money looks promising. Look for opportunities that encourage you to declutter or lower debt. Adjust anything questionable.


Size up the extent of a project and get started. Learn from the experts and call on people who owe you to pitch in and help. Being organized will make a difference. Leave nothing to chance. Expect to be subject to emotional games. Be ready to do your own thing if you meet with too many obstacles or encounter someone making last-minute revisions. Anger or jealousy will surface if you or someone close to you misbehaves. Be on your best behaviour and ready to walk away from anyone who treats you poorly. Share your intentions with someone you trust.


Share your ideas with someone special and put plans in place that encourage spending more time together. Travel plans, educational pursuits and saving for something that brings you joy are favoured. Pay attention to detail and leave nothing incomplete. You’ll be disappointed if you trust someone with sensitive issues. Avoid extravagance. Emotions will surface if someone you love lets you down or withholds information. Be upfront and ask direct questions. Find out where you stand and consider what’s best for you. Make your position and intentions public and go about your business.
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