Take a hard look at the big picture this week and find a responsible way to make a difference. How you help others will reflect how they treat you in return. The tedious paperwork of school assignments will unfold better if you remain calm. You’ll have the energy to push for what you want this coming weekend but preparation will play a role in success. Slow down, do things right the first time and look out for those who can’t fend for themselves. What others do will affect you emotionally. Look out for your best interests and protect your reputation.


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This might be a good time to offer up your help, but don’t let anyone take advantage of you. Set ground rules so you don’t end up doing all the work yourself. A change in how others treat you will depend on how accepting you are. Don’t let stubbornness or a lack of compassion cost you. Put more thought into stretching your money to fit your budget this week. You’ll attract attention this weekend from a special someone. Speak from the heart, and you’ll engage in a wonderful new journey.


It’s time to step up and prove yourself. Trust your gut feelings, and you’ll make progress. Review your situation and consider adjustments that will help even out the playing field. Emotional disputes will unfold this week if you promise more than you can deliver or expect more from someone than they are willing to give. A heart-to-heart talk will help bridge the gap between what you want and what you receive. Share your vision and your feelings and find out where you stand. Protect yourself this weekend. Someone will try to make you look bad.


Change begins with you. Don’t wait for things to happen. Do some research and develop a relationship with someone who may want to share the costs. Your intuition won’t let you down. Listen to your inner voice and take a path that offers something unique. An unexpected change will turn out better than anticipated. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Take a step back and observe. Agree to take on what you know you can handle. You’ll come up with a brilliant idea that will bring you closer to someone special. Romance is in the stars.


Put your money in a safe place. Avoid shared expenses and point-of-purchase sales this week. You don’t have to spend money to impress others. Make kindness a priority. An emotional situation can hurt your reputation. Get along with your friends and you’ll avoid a scene that makes you uncomfortable. Put a strategy in place and explore the possibilities. Honest communication will pay off. Keep your emotions in check this weekend. Someone manipulative will interfere with your plans. Know when to say no.


Keep the positive momentum going and you’ll make an impression on someone special. Do what makes you happy and stop worrying about what others do or think. You owe it to yourself to make the most of whatever comes your way. Address your tight budget before you commit to buying something out of the ordinary. Don’t take on debt or pay for others. Keep your money separate and your finances a secret. You’ll have a clear vision regarding friends and relatives. You’ll be offered something interesting in return.


Prepare to spread your wings. An energetic approach to life will prompt you to travel in the coming weeks. A chance to get to know someone better will give insight into what’s possible. Discuss what you want to do before the weekend hits. Don’t exaggerate or you’re likely to spark negativity or reluctance to participate. Getting the go-ahead will put your mind at ease. Pay attention to what’s happening around. Nurture meaningful relationships. Tidy up at home this week. Don’t be paying for someone else’s mistake.


It’s time to take your special relationship to the next level. Be a good listener and open up about your own fears. Change what isn’t working for you, but leave what seems to be working alone. Make a point to connect with people who inspire you this week. Don’t attend an event that puts you at risk. Put a budget in place before you book that winter getaway. It may be a good idea to fix up your space, entertain or take time to update your image. Presenting a fresh look will boost your confidence and energy.


Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you. Don’t forget to share your feelings with someone you love. Someone will skirt the truth or mislead you on purpose. Be direct, say what’s on your mind and don’t ignore the facts. Use your space to grow and you’ll build momentum emotionally, physically and financially. Refuse to let anyone slow you down or cause self-doubt. Trust and believe in yourself. Emotions will surface if you overspend or feel obligated to take on a responsibility that doesn’t belong to you.


Clear your head and think twice before you take on too much this week. Make changes at home that will make your life easier and less stressful. You’ll come up with an idea that will help you turn something you enjoy doing into an opportunity to bond with someone special. Don’t just think about the possibilities; take charge and turn your dream into a reality. Whatever you decide to do, you’ll attract attention and criticism and have to explain your actions. It’s in your best interest to keep your thoughts to yourself. Embrace change and control the outcome.


Refuse to let someone’s uncertainty deter you from moving forward with your plans. Put your energy to work for you, you’ll be happy with the outcome. It’s OK to be secretive while you work through the small essential details that will make your plans successful. Pick up the pace and don’t stop until you have everything in place and are ready to present what you offer. Put your money where your mouth. It’s time for a new-and-improved you. Raise the bar and hone your skills. Be a good listener and refuse to let anyone take you for granted.


Don’t rock the boat this week. You are better off working alone if it helps deter discord and interference. Get involved in a project you believe and the people you meet and the difference you make will raise your awareness and encourage you to do more for your community, friends and family. Take a breather. Step back from a project and you’ll see that you have more options than you thought. Don’t share your next move until you have everything in place. Leave no room for error. Try something new if it will encourage you to embrace new beginnings.