Illustration of a character Walter

One of my favourite characters I’ve created to this day is Walter. This design was inspired by my interest in skateboarding. This character also included a custom outfit to show off his Bri Artx style.

Illustration of a character Franklin

A person shown reading a book. Text states exam time can feel overwhelming. Let us help you succeed.

Meet Franklin! A unique character inspired by Gawx Art. For this design, I began with a sketch on my iPad and used somesuper cool outfits as a reference, Once I had that completed, I worked on the inking in Procreate and blasted some colour to give him that Bri Artx style.

Illustration of a character Bri X Shroomboi

Back in February 2021, I worked with another artist named ShroomBoi for this epic collab. The main idea was to create a dancer in our art styles and combine them together into one scene.

Illustration of a character Chance The Rapper

Inspired by one of my favourite music artists, Chance the Rapper. This custom character is showing off his Grammy outfit on the Red Carpet. Completed with his signature “3” hat, this fan art art has made it to the official collection.