Black History Month artwork by Lost Digix



Atomic Opposition is a city run by an AI government, and to have continuous power, the opposition party, AI Dexter, guards itself against enemies.

This art piece steams for an atomic era around the world during the 1950s to 1960s, as well as the art style Atompunk which gained popularity in the 1950s/1960s.

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Zen Starling is a planetary geologist. After an explosion in the space laboratory, Zen evacuates on a small pod that launches him to the nearest Planet Orbus‑P‑90.

Planet Orbus‑P‑90 has clouds shaped like bubbles and sand dunes reaching the sky. Zen hopes to become the first person to explore this new planet and all it has to offer.

Illustration GALACTIC BEE

Galactic Bee is a human space colony. The year is 6180, and human beings achieved type‑three civilizations, where they control and harvest all the energy in their galaxy. To achieve type‑three civilization, they work together like a bee hive. They use AI and other advanced technology to terraform and live on planets and harvest energy from stars.

Illustration TELEPATHIC

Originally patented by the government, tech company Medoffs have developed a revolutionary nanochip. The nanochip is an advanced AI system that helps humans communicate in the virtual world. When a human wants to communicate with another human, they use the nanochip implanted in the brain instead of using words and sounds.
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