Fanshawe alumnus releases debut album featuring songs recorded at Fanshawe

The cover of Knights of the Roses' album Run Out of Dragonz 2 Slay CREDIT: GEOFF TEBBUTT
"You can fly on one feather to your dreams and never fall, you can fly with one feather," cites Tebbutt’s song, "Fly on 1 Feather."

Fanshawe alumnus and former Interrobang columnist, Geoff Tebbutt, has released his debut album, Run Out of Dragonz 2 Slay, alongside his band, Knights of the Roses. The album features some songs that were even recorded in the music industry arts (MIA) studios, during Tebbutt’s time as a student in the program. He got his start at Fanshawe in the record production program, and 15 years later, he returned for the MIA program. After he graduated there, he studied sound for film and TV.

“It’s not entirely all the same [musical] style,” said Tebbutt. “The first song, ‘Wasted Time,’ is up tempo. The next one is more of a straight-ahead rock, the third one, ‘Fly on 1 Feather,’ is a psychedelia folk.”

Tebbutt said the album also features a few singer-songwriter songs and a country song, offering something for everyone. It takes influence from Pink Floyd.

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“There’s one that we started recording 20 years ago at Fanshawe and it’s actually the title track for the album. We recorded it in the first year MIA studio and at that time, it was up for an award for first year for Best Production.”

The band consists of Tebbutt, Dennis DeRoos, and Greg Vitale. The album also features the work of the late Owen Muir. It consists of his first known recording and his last.

Tebbutt spent seven total years as a Fanshawe student, years later attending the same program once again. He became the first person to take MIA twice, as the technology advanced.

As time went on, Tebbutt continued writing and practicing his craft.

Fanshawe played a great role in the creation of Run Out of Dragonz 2 Slay, giving him all of the necessary skills to produce the album from his home studio during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The professors were such great musical minds when I was there. Terry McManus, we also had Jack Richardson there for 20 years who taught such great things about record production, how to handle artists in the studio, and what goes into making a great song and our engineering future.”

The entire album can be found and purchased on Bandcamp. For current students navigating the music industry, Tebbutt had some advice.

“There’s probably not a job out there for you. Make your own way in the world. Unfortunately, I didn’t figure that out until years later. Don’t give up, it’s possible to make your way on your own. Just believe in yourself and believe in your dreams.”

Tebbutt’s song, “Fly on 1 Feather” talks about exactly that. Take it from Tebbutt, he has worked towards this moment his entire life, working on his music career while working other jobs to make ends meet. Now, he is seeing success in his music career with his debut album.