VENUExVENUE promotes local talent and economic growth in London

A black and white photo of a musician with a guitar in front of a crowd CREDIT: TYRONE TRAHER II
VENUExVENUE supports the local economy by bringing people outside the city to experience and support local businesses and talent.

From Nov. 9 to 11, London will host VENUExVENUE as part of Indie Week, a multi-venue live music festival featuring top emerging London region artists.

“The event’s purpose is and will always be to support venues and local artists,” said VENUExVENUE founder Darryl Hurs. “The importance of events like this is building economy locally.”

Hurs said this event supports the local economy by bringing people outside the city to experience and support local businesses and talent. Over 40 artists will be performing across three days, with an expected 1,000 people at each show. Rum Runners, Richmond Tavern, Fitzray’s Restaurant and Lounge, Poacher’s Arms, and London Music Hall will all host shows.

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“More money brought into the city fosters economic prosperity and creates new opportunities,” Hurs said.

Hurs said the support has been good so far, with many local businesses reaching out to them and participating. He added that the power of community, collaboration, and helping each other makes this event historically remarkable.

“It is through education, connection and collaboration that we can build new opportunities and prosper towards a sustainable career,” Hurs said.

He added that he gets excited to hear what doors have opened for the local artists and their experiences after each event.

“When you can provide a real positive space for artists and local businesses, it is incredible what they can do. That is what we try to provide,” Hurs said.

Fanshawe music industry arts (MIA) graduate and artist Asante Deluy said he is grateful to be selected to participate, support and perform in London.

“A part of me was created here in London, my career started here,” Deluy said. “I want to impact and inspire people doing what I love the most.”

Deluy said this is a big opportunity and a “substantial jump forward” in his career as an artist. He added that he has met a lot of MIA students and colleagues through events and such opportunities.

“A lot of big things can happen from an opportunity like this,” Deluy said. “Every opportunity is like a domino effect to my next destination in my career.”

MIA grad and singer-songwriter Tyrone Traher II, known professionally as Paris Monroe, said he likes to do memorable events.

“Being an artist selected for this event is a true honour,” Traher said. “Every time I perform, I like it to be a life-changing experience for my audience.”

Traher said this is a great way to showcase his artistry to others.

“For me personally, I just want to put on the best show that I can and try to make it unforgettable,” Traher said.

Hurs said that before, they used to do this event in Toronto, but due to the pandemic, they stopped. He added that the pandemic changed many things in downtown Toronto, where they used to do the event.

“This would have been our 20th year doing this event in Toronto,” Hurs said. “It has become fragmented in that venues are now scattered all over. There’s no one real centralized place.”

Hurs said he is excited to do this event in London because businesses and venues are centrally located and “easily walkable.” He added that much talent is emerging from London and he hopes to support that.

“When we give a stage to an artist, they gain confidence. When they gain confidence, they do better and greater things; when they do that, they are open to trying more,” Hurs said.

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