Start thinking about your summer getaway

I can acknowledge that as a student it can be challenging to take some down time and embrace the present. However, it's important to remember that we'll only be in our 20s once!

One of the great benefits of being a college student is that your schedule most likely allows for a summer holiday. With my school schedule, I have a four-month holiday that I get to look forward to! As a self-driven individual, I’m always happiest by spending my time working at an organization that will have an impact on my future career aspirations. That doesn’t mean that I miss out on fun, though.

In true Virgo style, all of my holidays are planned well in advance. There are many perks to this and I’m here to share with you why you should get a head start on your holidays now and in the future:

Booking your flights months in advance can mean lower airline tickets as opposed to waiting until the last minute

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I usually book my tickets at least four months in advance with the intention of scoring a cheap ticket. If I can book between six to eight months before travelling, it means a greater possibility of an even cheaper ticket and can allow researching flights through the different online travel agencies. Some of my go-to travel agencies include CheapOair, Expedia, Travelocity, and FlightHub.

Research activities/excursions that you wish to indulge in

There is nothing worse than being on a trip and not realizing how much your final destination has to offer. Planning your holiday in advance will give you the opportunity to research what others who have travelled there have participated in and recommend to others. Personally, I love a good travel diary or vlog that gives me an idea of what to expect on my holiday. Social media platforms are great for research and can build your excitement for an upcoming trip.

If your flights are booked in advance it will give you more time to save towards the trip

It can be difficult for students to have a spending budget allocated for travel immediately after booking a plane ticket. Booking months in advance will allow for time to save up again so you’ll have spending money on your trip.

It allows for friends and family to potentially join in on the fun

If you plan your trip in advance it means that you are also giving your loved ones the chance to come along with you! Leaving a vacation for the last minute to plan can dissuade people from joining as making necessary arrangements might become a challenge.

Planning your trip in advance will lead to a higher chance of an unforgettable holiday

Making sure that you score a cheap flight, researching accommodation (AirBnB is always great), and planning all the other aspects of a holiday abroad will contribute to you having a memorable time. It will allow you to get the most of your trip and create memories that will last you a lifetime.

I can acknowledge that as a student it can be challenging to take some down time and embrace the present. However, it’s important to remember that we’ll only be in our 20s once! After all the hard work throughout the school year, it’s OK to reward yourself and create the memories that will make you happy. Use these tips to plan your holiday abroad in a financially responsible way and make the most out of your trip.