London-Opoly brings the Forest City to a game board

London-Opoly is on shelves now. Find it at Walmart or other smaller local businesses in the city.

London is now on its own Monopoly board, where you can purchase your favourite local landmarks. The city joins 180 other city Monopoly games, made by Outset Media.

“We started with the big cities, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton,” said Jared Clarkson, Public Relations Coordinator with Outset Media. “The more we did, the more we noticed the cities on the smaller side like London is going to embrace something that’s celebrating the community because that doesn’t always happen.”

The game brings players through the city, stopping by areas like Victoria Park, Storybook Gardens, Budweiser Gardens, London Music Hall, and Fanshawe College.

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“[Reactions have been] overwhelmingly positive. There’s no negative feedback that even comes to mind, it’s a lot of people that are excited about it and enjoy it. At the end of the day, that’s why we do it.”

The board game was created during COVID, where they saw an influx of people playing board games, spending more time at home with family. This has made London-Opoly, the limited-edition game, stay on shelves for two years. The game is made in North America, so keeping it on shelves is based on demand.

“We make them in smaller quantities than if they had been made overseas. Because they’re made in smaller quantities, it’s not a guarantee that something like London-Opoly will be on sale two years later.”

Clarkson added that they truly don’t know how long the game will be out for. It’s all about supply and demand.

Whether you’re a student, a London native, or an alumnus, this game has something for everyone.

“I actually went to Fanshawe, so I lived in London as well. So even for someone who lived there for a really short time, it was cool to see a game come out that’s familiar in how to play. You’re also looking at local parts of the community.”

Clarkson said it can also be a great way for international students to learn some landmarks in their area.

“We wanted to make sure the game captured enough of a snapshot of the city that someone from London could look and say, ‘Yeah, that’s a really good depiction of the city’, or someone who just moves to London can play the game and maybe learn something about the city as well. There’s stuff on there that has some pretty good history behind it.”

If you’re wanting your own copy of London-Opoly, it is on shelves at various local retailers in the city that sell similar games.