London unveils UNESCO City of Music mural

Pictured (left to right): Cheryl Smith, Mayor Josh Morgan, Tova Hasiwar, Janet Loo, and Jennifer Diplock at RBC Place.

On March 30, the City of London unveiled a new mural to commemorate London’s UNESCO City of Music designation.

The piece was shown off for the first time at RBC Place London and was created by local artist, Tova Hasiwar, as a tribute to the city’s growing musical culture.

“Music has always played an integral role in my life,” said Hasiwar. “From my piano studies with the Royal Conservatory to attending both Lester B. Pearson and Beal Art, two amazing institutions of the arts here in London that very much shaped who I am today.”

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The mural was created through London’s Public Arts and Monument program and was made in partnership with the London Arts Council and RBC Place London.

Hasiwar spoke about her fondness of the city as well as the city’s growing connection to art and music.

“London has always produced and fostered undeniably unique talent,” said Hasiwar. “It draws talent from neighbouring communities both near and far, weaving together significant collaboration of various cultures and identities.”

Hasiwar is one of many who attended the event, which also included various city officials as well as London Mayor Josh Morgan, who talked about the importance of the City of Music designation and what it has meant for the city so far.

“As an official UNESCO City of Music, London has the opportunity to open a new era of collaboration between the city, its residents, and its music communities both locally and globally,” said Morgan. “This art contributes creatively to the ongoing revitalization of London’s core and is a superb addition to the city’s public art and monument collection.”

London has continued to be the source of many award-winning artists including producers, songwriters, and more through its educational institutions as well as the city’s various concerts, festivals, and community performances each year.

The event had music at its core, with local musicians Eleanor Gerbrou, Fiker Kirubel, and Nathan Kerr opening and closing the event. As well, Vice President of the London Arts Council, Janet Loo, was in attendance and spoke about some of the emotions they felt when they saw the piece.

“I’m a professional musician and educator myself, I felt it really resonate with me,” said Loo. "I think you [Hasiwar] were able to capture the spirit and the vibrant energy that is the music and arts community in London, which is distinguished and honoured as the UNESCO City of Music.”

The unveiling marks the beginning of London’s Music Expo as well as celebrates London being the first UNESCO City of Music in Canada, which was first designated as such back in November of 2021.