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Around the Ring: Wrestling resolutions for the New Year

Peter W | Interrobang | Sports | January 8th, 2007

Happy New Year to all and I hope you had a great one! I am glad that holidays are over (in a way) because we can get back into the regular routine of wrestling being back on TV instead of “best of” shows or the horrible (in booking) “Tribute to the Troops” special. As I sat down to watch Raw last Monday, I was anxious to see K-Fed get his ass handed to him. As it turns out, I forgot that it was the Raw before a PPV and that means nothing really good was going to come out of the program.

They took the 15 or so minute opening match and gave it such a crappy ending (tell me that you didn't think that Umaga wasn't going to interfere with this one and I'll bop you on the head). In turn, the WWE took the first match and turned it into their final match for the night pitting not ONE non-wrestler against Cena, but THREE! Why? WHY??!?! Oh yeah, to hype the Cena/Umaga PPV.

Speaking of the New Years Resolution PPV, here are my picks:

Cena vs. Umaga will end in some sort of controversy. I see Umaga winning this by DQ and claiming another title shot at the Royal Rumble.

DX vs. Team Rated RKO will be an entertaining and bloody match. I feel that the WWE won't be ending this feud any time soon and therefore, DX will lose the match setting up another at the Royal Rumble (do you see any pattern starting here?).

Jeff Hardy vs. Johnny Nitro in a Steel Cage will be the showstopper of the night. These two will give us the high-flying moves that we crave and if there is going to be an upset for this evening; it'll be when Nitro walks out with the belt.

Mickie James vs. Victoria should be a good match to watch. Victoria is on an awesome heel kick, but she has been before and the WWE has squashed her. If the WWE plays their cards right, Victoria will be walking out as the champ.

Ric Flair vs. Kenny — Kenny has already picked up two wins against the former champ so I don't see it happening again. Flair will get his retribution at the PPV.

Carlito vs. Chris Masters has been a pretty cool little feud lately. Masters needs to be bitch-slapped and I think Carlito is going to be the one to do it.

I'll be giving my two cents on how well this PPV played out next issue and get people ready for the first TNA PPV of the year. They've put on a pretty good show over the holidays and I'm sure that with a few heel turns from major stars happening, this should be another PPV to get hyped for.
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