Apps that keep me organized during the semester

An illustration of a woman balancing on various app logos CREDIT: CALEIGH REID
These apps can help you stay organized throughout the semester and ensure a successful college experience.

In typical Virgo rising style, finding apps that can help me clear the clutter in my studies has always been important to me. In my high school years, apps like Evernote that incorporated technology in student’s curriculums were becoming popular. I started using Evernote when I was 15, and since then I’ve kept all my education notes in a digital format. I’ve found that keeping my notes in an organized way encouraged me to read the content and helped me to understand the course material better than writing in a physical notebook.

If you’re looking to step up your A-game with your notes this semester these are the apps that I recommend using:

1. Google Drive

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If you have a Gmail account, you have access to apps such as Google Photos, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and many more. I’ve found Google Drive extremely helpful for my time not only in school but also in the workplace. The great thing about Google Docs is how easy it is to share between yourself and other people. Using Google Docs is the absolute best for any type of group work you have. In my opinion, Google Drive is not only a great cloud service, but also a great way to connect work with other people. This is one of my favourite digital applications to use for school and work.

2. Pulse

I started using Pulse during my first semester at Fanshawe. I have this app downloaded on my phone which is perfect for receiving announcements from professors as soon as they are posted. Additionally, your FanshaweOnline (FOL) calendar is connected to Pulse, so if any deadlines are approaching, the app will notify you. Usually, I plan my school week in advance, which allows me to have time to prepare for any assignments or quizzes. However, it is certainly a handy tool to keep me in check should I have missed something in my preparations.

3. Notion

This is an app that I started using at the beginning of summer. I have Notion on my phone and my laptop so that I can access information quickly and easily. Notion has many free templates to choose from, which I personally love! It’s great because it has templates for school, but I also used a template to plan a trip abroad. Another great feature of Notion is that you can share access with other people. Personally, I have shared pages with my bosses so that they can have a view of what my weekly tasks look like and add to it as well. The notes templates are supreme! One of my favourite templates that I always find myself grabbing at is their Example Brainstorm template under the Docs Templates. I’ve found this super handy when it comes to in-class activities.

4. Readanywhere/Textbook Apps

Having textbook apps on my phone has been a lifesaver and generally it’s just super convenient. When exam season arrives, it’s safe to say that reading a chapter of a textbook before attending a class can seem next to impossible when you’re preparing for finals or working a part-time job. There have been times in the past where I’ve found myself reading a chapter on my phone while on the bus to school. Additionally, revising textbook notes on your phone would be much easier to do before an exam as opposed to taking your computer out or an actual physical textbook. Readanywhere is an app that is connected to McGraw Hill, which was one of my textbooks. However, most of the time when you buy a digital book, instructions about apps for phones will be provided.

5. Notability

For those who have an iPad, Notability might be your next best friend. Notability is recognized as one of the best-selling paid note-taking apps on the app store. While Notability can be used on a Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Windows device, in my opinion the use of Notability note templates on iPads is really what they are known for. This is simply because with an iPad you can use the Apple Pencil on Notability as it’s super compatible with its Highly Responsive Ink.

These are some of the apps that I’ve used in the past (and will probably continue to use in the future) that I think can help students to succeed in organizing their notes for school and even in the workplace. If you’re struggling to organize your notes in a structured manner, I highly recommend checking out the above apps, they have been a big part of my last three years of college.

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