Current Issue: Friday, October 16th, 2020

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Post-secondary campus resources ensure student safety
There are resources on campus at post-secondary institutions to help you when you have experienced sexual violence, along with any other situation on campus where you feel unsafe. Read more

Health and Fitness: You DO have time to workout
The Fanshawe Wellness Centre app will help you make the most of your Wellness Centre membership. Read more

Five apps for weight loss
There is an app for everything and weight loss and fitness is no exception. Having some of the tools you'll need to achieve your fitness goals in your pocket will help keep you on track. Read more

Six wellness apps to add to your devices
Wellness is a part of life that people may think they don't have time for. However, there is an app for everything including wellness. Read more

Sexting Etiqutte: The five rules to follow if you're going to "sext" that special someone
Although sexting is healthy and can be fun, there are still some very important rules that must be followed in order to reduce the risks that comes along with it. Read more

New craft beer app launches in London
A new phone application has been developed to benefit craft beer enthusiasts and has recently launched in London and surrounding area. Read more


Five apps to help make friends in a new city
Just like how there are apps for dating, there are many apps made to help you meet others in which you have stuff in common with. These apps are all free to download and are available for both Android and iPhone (with the exception of one). Read more


Five apps to help make friends in a new city
Moving to a new city brings on plenty of stress and anxiety. Leaving what you are familiar with isn't easy and for many, neither is making friends. Read more

Tapas: A place to read or publish
Tapas offers all that you want. With a great community of authors and artists, anyone searching for a new comic or novel to read will love Tapas. Read more

What's your Fanshawe Story? Elliot Roger: First-year computer programming
Now that daylight savings time has kicked in, it is getting darker much earlier and this is making some people uneasy. Roger That is a smartphone app that is currently being developed by computer programming student Elliot Roger and he hopes to put frightened individuals at ease. Read more

Get Apptive
Living a healthy lifestyle is sometimes easier said than done. Whether it's a lack of free time in the day or finding motivation to get off the couch, today's apps are making it easier for students to get active. Read more

Blastoise captured at Fanshawe
Interrobang Pokemon Go beat reporter Nick Reyno gets to the bottom of a Blastoise sighting near the Student Centre at Fanshawe. Read more

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