Dylan Dugal brightens Fanshawe with messages of positivity

Dylan Dugal holding a sign outside a building. The sign states: I'm proud of you for making it this far. Keep going! CREDIT: GRACIA ESPINOSA
Dylan Dugal holds a positive message to cheer other students on Fanshawe's Oxford St. Campus.

A beacon of positivity has been standing at Fanshawe College’s bustling entrance amidst the flurry of students rushing to their classes. Dylan Dugal, a student of the electrical techniques program is trying to spread a loving message.

Armed with a black marker and an unwavering commitment to kindness, Dugal recently greeted his peers with a sign adorned with uplifting messages to brighten their days and foster a sense of camaraderie within the campus community.

His journey into spreading positivity began after witnessing a sole protestor standing near the Fanshawe grounds in early May, with signs reading “Fanshawe is Corrupt” as well as other signage with anti-Palestinian messaging.

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“I saw a guy with a not-nice poster, and I wanted to make a nice one to counter that one,” Dugal said. “And then that felt good. So now I’m here again today, and, I don’t know, I like sharing a good message.”

Inspired by the viral sensation Seth Phillips, known on social media as Dude With Sign, Dugal decided to bring that spirit of positivity to his college community.

“I saw this guy on Instagram, and I thought that was pretty cool,” Dugal explained.

Despite passersby’s skepticism and curiosity, Dugal remained steadfast in his mission, emphasizing that there are no hidden agendas behind his actions.

“There’s no microphone. There’s no secret camera or anything like that. I’m just here. Just here having fun,” he said, his genuine smile dispelling doubts.

The impact of Dugal’s presence was palpable, with students offering gestures of gratitude and curiosity, intrigued by his altruistic motives.

“Many people gave me a thumbs up and said thank you. And then, some people ask questions. They don’t believe that I’m just here for fun,” Dugal shared, acknowledging the ripple effect of positivity he has initiated within the college community.

Beyond the immediate reactions, Dugal hoped his actions would catalyze fostering a culture of kindness and support within Fanshawe College. Dugal may be back throughout the summer, so keep an eye out for him around campus.