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Peter's Web Links: Online links of the week

Peter W | Interrobang | Lifestyles | January 22nd, 2007

You're probably already bored with your new semester of courses and dying for ways to amuse yourself, so I found some great reasons to put your homework on the backburner.

Spiders on Drugs
When I began to watch this video, I thought that it was a legit Canadian Wildllife TV spot that used to air when I was a kid. Boy, was I wrong. Watch the insanity fly when these spiders take different drugs and start messing with each other. I didn't know spiders popped caps in each other's asses!

Keep Flash Videos
If you ever wanted a certain video from Myspace, Youtube or any other site that has those crazy clips that keep you up late at night, look no further that this site to help you take them and keep them forever on your hard drive! Make sure that once you're finished downloading them, save them as an .flv file!

The next step comes courtesy of RIVA. Once you've got those flash videos that you want, you can download any flash player and watch them from the comfort of you chair over and over again! If you want a good free player (and the ability to change these flash videos to .avi, mpeg or other video formats for DVD burning, check out the free (AND LEGAL) software at

Leeroy Jenkins
(type that in at
I saw this a year ago and for some reason it just popped back into my head. If you haven't seen it, it's a reenactment of what happened during an actual World of Warcraft game. Poor Leeroy was away while his team was planning their attack. He comes back and runs into battle. Watch the chaos ensue. If you want to see how much of a pop culture impact this Leeroy guy has had, you can get all the info you need at

Finding movies in London
I know it sounds easy, but I hate getting the run around on the net just trying to find out what movie is playing at a certain place in London. This site will help you out and be your one easy stop to get all the entertainment info that you crave!
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