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My Bits and Bytes: Watch-out for UNO players with Webcams

Peter W | Interrobang | Culture | January 29th, 2007

Xbox Live Special Edition 2

Hey, everyone! I think Xbox Live is so great! I can't believe that I'm doing another whole column on the fun, features and games available for this service. It's going to take Sony and Nintendo a LONG time to catch up with Xbox Live (although the WII's Virtual Console does kick-ass). Let's take a look at the goodness:

Xbox Live UNO
I was bored one day during my Christmas break and had a few extra marketplace credits, so I decided to play around with UNO just for the hell of it. After a while, I noticed that two hours had gone by and I was still wrapped up in playing. I couldn't believe that this old school card game was still so addictive.

Playing against people online is easy but be forewarned: some Xbox Live UNO players really like their new Xbox webcams. I have no idea why you would want the camera on you while you sit on your fat ass starring at a TV playing UNO, but some of these people are scary!

For some addictive single and multiplayer fun, easy achievements to unlock and to watch weird people on their couches, go and spend the five bucks on this game.

Xbox Gaming Contest
If you go to (or, you can more details on this awesome contest where if you can win big prizes and Xbox Live points to spend. All you have to do is download a certain gamer pic (see the site for the exact locations and pic sample), place it as your profile picture and play the specific genre of games that are indicated on the site. Hey, if you're going to play online, you may as well try to win something by doing it, right?

Next week in this column is my FIRST review of the WII and its games. I'd like to thank my bud, Hassan Baroudi, for helping me score a WII system. After a day of playing the system, all I can say is that it's really fun and my shoulder is sore from getting into “Wii Sports” tennis. Will I survive a week and be able to type? Tune in next week.
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