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Around the Ring: Big upsets in the wild world of wrestling

Peter W | Interrobang | Sports | January 29th, 2007

It's kind of been a depressing week in the world of wrestling. There were deaths, layoffs and some shows that offered the same stuff we've watched for the past three weeks. Let's take a look.

First of all, Scott “Bam Bam” Bigelow passed away. He was found dead in his apartment and supposedly, he had been dead for several days. I always thought Bam Bam was cool. He had a cool look, personality and ring presence. This may show my age, but he was always one of the first people that I picked to be when I used to (oh, who am I kidding — I still do) play the NES “Wrestlemania” video game. Rest In Peace, big guy.

Secondly, the WWE has released many developmental wrestlers, trainers and “superstars.” Some of the releases include: Tatanka, the Bashams and Jazz. For the full list, go on over to to see the list for yourself in the archived news section. I guess the WWE knows business isn't like it was in the past and with TNA in the shadows, they may have to pay more to lock the big names or lose another “Kurt Angle.”

On the regular TV side of the wrestling world, Raw and Smackdown both provided the same thing that we've been watching for the last two-three weeks. We saw HBK involved with Edge and Orton (mind you, I did call the Edge/Orton turn starting last week), Kenny yapping about Ric Flair and then winning his match with Cartlito by cheating, Umaga and Cena fighting and yet another week of Victoria getting buried on TV by the WWE.

Speaking of Jazz and Victoria, I really hope that TNA gets a women's division going soon. They have many ladies to contact and I think it would be another thing to keep WWE on their toes. Victoria should lead the pack and head over there because WWE doesn't know what to do with her. Maybe Christy Hemme's speech at the last PPV is foreshadowing something?

TNA's weekly show was great and I loved how they are already having Kurt Angle and Christian butt heads. The only question remains, does Christian win one over Angle to keep this going (probably) or will Christian be a transitional champ and give Angle what the TNA guys upstairs promised him for signing? I hope it's the former because I think this program could really be a good story and make Christian even a bigger superstar.

The Royal Rumble is coming this Sunday so I think I'll do the gutsy thing and call a winner. I think that HBK will walk out of the Rumble and go on to Wrestlemania in another face/face match. While an HBK/Cena program would be interesting, it may not hype the fans up as much as a face VS face match like, let's say, Hogan vs. Austin would. We can only hope for more entertainment, right?
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