Spring-ing into action to keep the campus clean

A Spring-cleaning is in store for Fanshawe College.

The Fanshawe Horticulture program is combining with various other groups at the College, including the newly founded environmental club and the Fanshawe Student Union (FSU), to conduct a campus-wide cleanup on Wednesday, April 4.

Selena Flood, president and founder of the environmental club, said the campus cleanup will be a good way for environmentally-conscious individuals to join together and create a cleaner campus.

“I think this will be a great opportunity to connect with other like-minded people on campus for a great cause,” Flood said regarding the cleanup. “Hopefully when other students see us out there picking up the trash, it will make them think twice before tossing their litter.”

Flood said the goal of her club is to increase awareness of various environmental issues.

“The main goal is to increase awareness on campus and get the group involved in activities both on and off campus,” Flood said. “I was shocked when I first started at Fanshawe this January, that there wasn't already an environmental club existing.”

With several ideas for events, Flood said it would be important for her club to network with key individuals on campus and in the community.

“Starting in the fall I would like organize more activities. Previous to this I was a member of EnviroWestern at UWO [University of Western Ontario], and was involved in a few projects such as a wildflower garden and a reforestation,” Flood said.

“I would also like to plan a waste audit to get a better idea of where improvements could be made to reduce waste on campus, and possibly an environmental career day. The key to making things happen right now is making connections with the right people.”

Christine Thomson, president of the FSU, said that it is great that the Horticulture students are taking the initiative to clean the campus.

“They [Horticulture students] are organizing the clean-up and are asking for students help if they wish to become involved,” Thomson said. “The FSU is going to be helping in order to show our support and to help clean up the campus which does not look as good, since all the garbage is showing that was buried in snow.”