President's Perspective: Why are your parents calling me?

You know when you're the age where our parents are totally embarrassing? Mine was about between 15 and 18-years-old. Even though now I look back and appreciate that they really weren't bad at all. Here are some of the types of things parents can do to embarrass their children that I have seen since I've turned 18:

1. Pick out their clothes for them.

2. Lick their thumb, and then lick food off of their child's face.

3. Tell them when they have to be home in front of their friends.

4. Still be their personal alarm clock.

5. Call Fanshawe College for any reason at all rather, than letting their kid do the work for him or herself.

Note the fifth points-parents calling Fanshawe College. If your parents never called this College, you are probably completely confused as to why parents would. I am in that boat too. But it's a reality right here at Fanshawe.

I didn't think I was the only one who heard from students' parents at the College, but I didn't realize how rampant parents run through this place. The Registrar's Office, Financial Aid and senior administration are a few places that have many parents looking for them on a regular basis.

I hear from various college staff, through email, phone and in person, about parents still protecting their children at the college level. What's wrong with this? Well, most of the time the parent has only been told half the story. No wonder they are angry that their prince/princess is being given a student code of conduct violation. But that student did neglect to tell his/her parents that they vandalized a bathroom and got caught doing it. Or, that they lied on your OSAP form, but told their parents they put something different on it. Many students here have probably worked in customer service. So we all understand how difficult it is to deal with someone who only has half the information. It's the worst. Just like in customer services jobs, everyone hates trying to explain things to grown ups, or tell them they are wrong.

When your parents call me to complain there is no visual for them to see, and not a lot of time since it's long distance and that costs a lot of money, etc, etc. Your parents are just as confused as you might be, but it's much easier for you to come in and ask questions than it is for them. Since when I ask them questions back, to try to understand what they need, I get the response, “Well, I have no idea, I am calling on behalf of my child.”

I am just throwing this out there, but isn't it a little embarrassing to have your parents call when you older than 16? I mean, tell me if I am wrong, but even though my parents are awesome, I can handle my own. Whenever they try to butt in, oh my goodness, I die a little inside. Even having to ask my parents to call the school and ask them a question, honestly, I would get laughed out the door. So it makes me wonder why this is such a popular option for contact here.

Can I give you a piece of advice? If you are going to have your parents call the school on your behalf think of a few things. First, is that you need to give them all the information, especially if you did something wrong. Because you know how parents are, they always end up finding out the truth. And they will be embarrassed if they come in here, guns blazing, only to find out that yeah, you did cheat on that exam. Second, is that if you have hit 17 or older, its time to fight your own battles.