Exec Corner: Saying goodbye on a good note

After the past election, when the new VP of Finance was crowned for the 2007/08 year, it suddenly hit me that my time at Fanshawe has come to an end. I am now reflecting on what I am going to do next year. Whether I go to University, at Western, in Australia or at Ryerson, choices will need to be made that will accentually affect my future dramatically. So it is important I make the right one.

Now that summer is arriving as much as I wish my time here at Fanshawe wasn't over, I am getting antsy to graduate after three years. While living in London I have grown a lot, as well as grown to really love the social atmosphere of the London night life. There are just so many students here and we all seem to know how to have a good time. Whether it is our weekly BAM social nights or visits from my friends from back home, every weekend is a new memory.

After looking back at the things I have accomplished this year and the things I have been a part of, not to mention the friends I have made, I can't help but think how fast this year has gone by and how much fun I have had. The experience of being a part of the Fanshawe Student Union and taking part in OCMC, along with the heavy workload of school, are just three major parts of my eight months spent here. The conferences and other colleges I have visited have enlightened me on just how lucky we are here at Fanshawe. Along with these great experiences are the friends that supported me along the way. These are the people that I have to thank, and you know who you are.

Now that I am writing this article I am remembering events, meetings and seminars I attended, just because I made a choice to get involved. This opportunity has allowed me to gain experience, knowledge and acquaintances, which I otherwise would not have been able to take advantage of during my time at Fanshawe. If I can recommend anything to you, it would be to get involved in your school. I know you have all heard it before, but there is a reason you keep hearing it. Getting involved has helped me excel academically, gain experience and meet more people, just to name a few benefits, although there are many more.

In closing, I want to thank everyone who has been there for me, put up with my busy schedule and helped me succeed this year. As exams and final projects are beginning to hover over our heads, remember you have all summer to party so buckle down for these last couple of weeks. You will enjoy your summer a lot more if you focus on your education now. Good Luck Fanshawe!