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Killadelphia is the perfect example of concert DVD perfection

Peter W | Interrobang | Lifestyles | October 10th, 2005

I love concert DVDs when they're done properly. I like the camera to be moving around, but not too crazy or fast. I love to hear crystal clear sound pumping through the 5.1s and not some camcorder audio. I love to see the band backstage and all their antics, not just a two-minute speech by one of the band members. I love the Lamb of God Killadelphia DVD because it hits all the right points.

Filmed over two nights in Philly during their headlining tour with Fear Factory, the boys unleash material from all three of their CDs and a song or two from the album they released when they were known as Burn the Priest.

Lamb of GodThe picture and the sound are just amazing — this DVD should be a testament on how to make a live DVD. You get to see each member of the band do their thing without it disrupting the visual appeal. The crowd is also featured quite frequently but never to the point where you're wondering where the band is. The crowd is frantic and totally into the show; is so much into the show that there are some parts where you can actually hear the crowd yelling lyrics over Randy Blythe's performance.

Featured songs include; “Laid to Rest,” “Terror and Hubris in the House of Frank Pollard,” “Now you've Got Something to Die For” and “Black Label” (I love that tune).

After every few songs, you're taken backstage and on the road with Lamb of God. Here, you'll see the honest ups and downs of being in a band. They have good times and bad times, and they all seem to involve booze. Hell, in one part you'll actually see two members of the band get into a fist fight where one of them (not telling who) goes down. If you're not into the whole concert fused with backstage antics thing, you have the option to watch the concert without the extras.

Another neat feature on this DVD is that each member of the band gives you a look at their equipment and then shows you how they play a certain part of one of their favourite songs.

At less than $20, if you love this band or heavy music, it's definitely worth picking up. I hope more bands follow suit with excellently produced DVDs like this. Worth noting are two band DVDs that I picked up last year, Ween's Live DVD and Anthrax's “Music of Mass Destruction.” I give this one 10 out of 10, easy.
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