Moss goes from runway to the rack

When writing to you about fashion, I have to let everyone know about my one-out-of two favourite people in the world, both of who coincidently are on the top of the fashion industry.

Kate Moss is one of those two people.

Although she started modeling at the age of 14, Moss, today at 33-years-old, is still gracing the covers and pages of the top fashion magazines. She has dated famous men such as Johnny Depp and photographer Mario Sorrenti, who is the father of her four-year-old daughter Lila. Most notably, she has also dated British rocker Pete Doherty, who she has recently broken up with.

Moss is one of the most infamous short models, standing at a mere 5'6, in a world when 6'2 is considered the average height for a woman in the industry. Born and currently living in England, Moss has been in the tabloids and under public scrutiny for her tiny frame and substance use, which leads many to disapprove of her as a role model to young girls. On the monetary front, Moss made the Forbes 2007 world's Top Earning Models ranking in at number two, with $9 million. You can hardly pick up a fashion magazine without seeing her face splashed all over ads and style pages.

Currently Moss is working with designers Roberto Cavalli, Rimmel, Stella McCartney and Belstaff, just to name a few. Her net worth continues to grow with her popular line at Top Shop, (which I will get to later), yet she is not one to flash big diamonds or showing-off a collection of cars on MTV's “Cribs.”'

Unlike other people in the limelight, Moss did not schedule interviews to promote her new healthy ways after being treated in rehab in 2006, nor did she sell her story to Hello! Magazine. Instead, the supermodel keeps mum about anything and everything personal. She is a respected and close friend to some of the world's top fashion photographers, such as Mario Tentino and Annie Leibovitz. Vanity Fair has described her as being almost eerie for that she looks good in every picture, including paparazzi photos.

Moss's personal style plays a huge part in what styles make it onto the racks and onto our backs. I remember seeing a picture of her in 2005 and was wondering why the heck she was wearing such tight jeans paired with a pair of boots that looked cut off at the ankles, with these mysterious jeans tucked in. In my opinion, Moss is the reason skinny jeans and ankle boot are trendy today, two years later. Think about it, I remember maybe tucking my pants in my boots when I was a little kid, but just a year ago or so, it was cool again. You can thank Miss. Moss for that!

After years of creating trends, Moss is finally cashing in on people copying her style with a line at English retailer Top Shop. While browsing Kate Moss's line on the Top Shop website, I am deeply saddened that Canada has yet to import this store. Moss's line literally caused mayhem when her spring/summer collection debuted and sold out in hours. Her new Fall/Winter line was unveiled just weeks ago and it's obvious Moss sticks to what she does best, which is creating everyday clothes that everyone can buy, look and feel good in.

My personal favourites of her Fall/Winter Top Shop collection are the flowing cocktail dress and a t-shirt with her face at the bottom. Moss has incorporated skinny and wide-legged jeans, with the latter being reminiscent of a 1920s look. We all know what she wears will be in stores ranging from Wal- Mart to Guess in a couple of years, so keep your eyes on Kate and her line at Top Shop.