Fashion Fashionista: Summer sandals get the boot

One of the greatest things about autumn is the endless choices in footwear. However fall footwear can be a tricky thing, as it's hard to dress appropriately for unpredictable fall weather.

Nonetheless, it's time to toss the flops aside and make way for beautiful boots. Tall or short, flat or flattering, this season is littered with the sexiest boots in ages. From leather, to knit and adorable Uggs, the sky is the limit when choosing the perfect boots for you. Depending how far you venture out of London this fall/winter, you are going to see an assortment of contemporary looks, funky designs and sweet accents. Sweater boots will be evident this season, as the comfy, cozy, slouchy ‘foot mittens' are all the rage. Offered in a large array of colours, these boots can be scrunched, rolled or extended and are perfect for casual autumn strolls.

Comfort is essential, and this is where your Uggs will come in very handy. Back by popular demand, these trendy little treats feel like walking on a cloud, while offering a practical and stylish appeal that are great for days when you are out and about and don't appear to be leaving the fashion scene for a while.

Day and night merge into one as far as your feet are concerned in sexy/sleek knee or ankle-high leather or suede narrow toe boots. Sophistication screams with or without a heel, in chic brown, black or charcoal shades that are great for pairing with skirts or jeans and look alive with tights, which are also a must have for the brisk fall weather. Tights can be ideal for adding colour to your outfit as bright coloured tights flooded the runways for fall trends back in the spring. Orange, plum or simple black or brown not only keep your legs from turning blue, due to the plummeting temperatures, but look nothing short of stunning under just about anything.

So wherever your feet take you this season, make style and comfort an essential and before you know it, you'll be struttin' your stuff in spring styles once again.