Around the Ring: TNA storylines bettering WWE's recent pap

You know, I really mean to sound negative in this column. I REALLY want good stuff to come out of WWE and TNA. I want great programming! I know that everything each company does will not please everyone, including me. I love praising when praising is deserved, but it seems as of late, there's not too much to be praised about.

Both companies have put together terrible PPVs lately and it seems like the weekly shows are just becoming filler so that they can put on excellent quality Raw and TNA TV shows on PPV and making us pay for them. A great example can be found with the last WWE PPV, Unforgiven. I bet quite a few people ordered this PPV to see John Cena vs. Randy Orton part II (I didn't... no freaking way was I paying or putting in to buy this shitty PPV), but they were given a five minute match where Cena got disqualified and set up ANOTHER match at the NEXT PPV in a mere three weeks. Give me a break!

As for the rest of the recent PPV, NOTHING HAPPENED! Sure, the Undertaker returned to win (who didn't see that coming?), and Batista captured the World Title (big whoop. WWE knows that The Great Khali sucks and won't be around too much longer). Can anyone find a positive thing about this PPV (especially those who paid for it)? Write in or voice your opinion online at

Another question that I want you all to answer is do you think that the storyline regarding Vince's bastard son is over? Is the lil Leprechaun merely a set up or joke on Vince before his real son appears? Are they buying time until Mr. Kennedy gets back from his suspension? Let's get some opinions out!

TNA had a really good program last week. The appearance of James Mitchell's monster, Judas Mesias, above, who arrived to beat the snot (and blood) out of Abyss was a really cool moment. Abyss is an awesome bleeder and can take Mick Foley levels of pain, so I'm sure the first real bout between the two should kick-ass. If you missed it, type “Judas Mesias” into the search engine for Youtube and you'll find it. At least TNA is utilizing youtube to help bring up to date footage and news to their fans.

Former WWE superstar Rikishi made his TNA debut last week and will make his in ring debut this Thursday against Christian (well, it will have already happened by the time you read this). Also, a tables match has been announced to hopefully give Team 3D redemption for having to lose to the crappy Steiner Brothers.

I think because of the factors above, not to mention watching Kurt Angle go against Sting again for the Championship, makes me really excited for the upcoming Bound for Glory PPV. More on that next week.