Letter to the editor... A Congratulations is in order

I wish to congratulate Fanshawe students for stealing the title of “PARTY SCHOOL” from Western. Western had the reputation for years bit Fanshawe students have usurped the title and can be seen bragging about it regularly on the news. I have to wonder if Western has not had some tiny hand in manipulation the Fanshawe students to take the heat off themselves. After all, university students are smarter, more sophisticated and more driven than college students.

I must believe that the party philosophy is pervasive throughout the school; else peer pressure would have already started to meliorate the stance so boldly presented by the student body.

I do wonder however why the change has occurred. I do not remember the parties being such and issue 6 or 8 or so years ago. What has changed recently, are the students so much more immature because they dropped one year from the high school system? Do the high schools no longer concern themselves with worth ethic or discipline? If such were the case I should expect to hear about the pandemic on the news.

Perhaps Fanshawe standards have dropped so much that students can party all night, all weekend and not suffer academically.

I am surprised Fanshawe administration tolerates such activities. If tests, reports or lab work was required on Mondays, would that induce students to work on the weekend rather than party? I suppose that might hurt financially though, if students wanted to party instead of acquiring a career they might seek even more tolerant institutions. If students began to fail they would have to consider the possibility of dropping out and going home to ask for a McJob (don't tell them you are a dropout).

I would ask the mayor and city council to rename the street. I do not think we should associate the Fleming name with these under-achievers. Perhaps Loser Alley or Knuckle Dragger Land would be more appropriate.

I would also ask the mayor, city councillors the police department and possibly Fanshawe administrations and student union if they are prepared to compensate the families in the area for the depressed property values since they are unable to provide families with the reasonable expectation for the ability to enjoy their homes. They should also lower property taxes and provide financial support to the families to move as the students have suggested. This way the students could develop their own slum.

I am surprised that the television and newspapers have not sought a psychiatric evaluation of the attitude change for presentation on the newscasts or headlines; I would certainly appreciate an analysis of the mentality (perhaps someone with lower primate experience).

Alfred C. Newman
(Name withheld on fear of reprisals)

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